ALL FILES FROM ASROCK(Z97 Extreme 6) D/L from win 10x64 and win 7x64
Windows 10 64bit ver: (For some reason on top it says Intel Management Engine driver ver: and when you dl it you get (ME(v11.0.0.1158_MEI).
For some reason a few weeks ago there were two files to dl. First was (ME(v11.0.0.1158_Consumer) and (ME(v11.0.0.1158_MEI) on 9-15-2015.

And on win 7 x64 there were 2 files as well. (Intel Management Engine Win 7 x64 v10.0.30.1054)Once you dl it (ME(v10.0.31.1000_1.5M) showed up,,, (Intel Management Engine Win 7 x64 v11.0.0.1146) and on v11.... this file showed when you went to dl it (ME(v11.0.0.1158_MEI) the date i did this as on 9-15-2015.
The current DL is ver:
Could someone please explain why the asrock DL site had all these different downloads and are they all garbage? I was lucky im backing up stuff to do a fresh install otherwise i would of dl one of the at least. Right now they do have one version the 11.....
Is there any advantage to the previously described versions and which is best for win 10 x64 or win 7x64.
Im just confused beyond belief.