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Thread: ASUS X453M laptop dead

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    Default ASUS X453M laptop dead

    I have just been given a fairly new 453 laptop that is completely dead (screen unilluminated, no lights active on the machine). Pressing the ON button has no effect. The charger is working perfectly (blue light on, 19.45V on output), but fails to charge the laptop and does not get warm. Am I missing something embarrassingly simple?
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    Default Re: ASUS X453M laptop dead

    What I do to laptops that don't turn on:

    1. Disconnect power cord
    2. Remove battery
    3. Hold down power button for 10 seconds
    4. Connect power cord, leave out the battery
    5. Try turning on

    If this fails...

    1. Disconnect power cord and battery
    2. Hold down power button for 10 seconds
    3. Remove all storage drives
    4. Plug it back in, leaving out battery
    5. Try powering it up

    If this fails...

    1. Disconnect power cord and battery
    2. Hold down power button for 10 seconds
    3. Remove CMOS battery
    4. Wait 10 minutes
    5. Reinsert the CMOS battery
    6. Plug power cord back in, leaving out the large laptop battery
    7. Try powering it up
    8. If this doesn't work, buy a new CMOS Lithium battery (CR2032) from a jeweler or a dept. store

    If this fails...

    1. Disconnect power cord
    2. Remove all but one RAM module
    3. Leaving battery out, plug it back in, try turning on
    4. If no change, swap current module with another that was removed
    5. Reconnect only the power cord, try powering it up
    6. If this fails, repeat until all modules have been used
    7. If this still fails, repeat process again but insert into the other slot(s)
    8. Repeat until all slots have been seated with every module

    If this fails...


    Note: don't reinsert the laptop battery or the storage drives as you proceed down the list

    Edit: Noticed this was a 5-month old thread. oh well
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