hi , my name is Adrian , i have an issue with my ROG laptop , i disasembled it like 5 times already to see why 3 out of 4 usb port wont work , finally i found out that i forgot to place back in the cable from usb to the motherboard , i did that aswel and after i finished with puting back everything , i pluged the power cord ( without battery ) to the laptop and i realized it wont turn on at all , and after 5 seconds i realized there was smoke coming out through the two usb ports on the right side so i imediately removed the power cord and i disasembled the laptop again to see what was burned inside and i didnt find anything , i cheked the power jack , i disasembled anything i could inside and everything looks ok , maybe i dont know where to look for this kind of thing but still im in a mist , and i dont want to take it to the repair shop , they charge to much for it , i need some ideas , i looked online for new motherboards and i find at 100 $ only the moderboard and i was thinking to check with you guys first to try all i can to identify the problem before i go and by a new motherboard, thanks for the help