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Thread: VBScript worm

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    Anyone out there who may be able to help... I had a VBScript worm that replaced 100Gig of MP3's with a 0kb VBScript file, I checked the net and they said to just delete all the VBScript files and things should be back in order... I did just that and the Music is back in action, however, some of the MP3 files are now hidden. You can load them into Winamp but cannot view them through Explorer, have tried to unhide them with no prevail...

    Anyone have any ideas....??? Would be good to fix the tail end of the problem....

    Paul... Email me

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    Ya, go without the MP3s.. less RIAA to worry about:D

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    Sounds like Kazaaaaa, got cha'

    Don't know how to help ya, though.


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    Kazaa diddnt do anything to you, but you should uninstall that crap program anyways. Use AdAware to remove every single one of those stupid spyware registry entries and folders and whatever else on there from cydoor, brilliant digital, etc...

    Download DC++, eMule, eDonkey, Direct Connect or one of those clients.. they are much better to download with, especially without the RIAA trying to stuff their head up your rear end.

    while your at it, uninstall Grokster too, its junk.

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