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Thread: Screensavers that activate a program

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    Is this possible? I do heavy network rendering at work, and we use as many machines as possible to network render (Max5.1 w/ Backburner2). Would there be a way to set a screensaver to run the backburner server when activated? If someone is not using their machine, I definetly could. :devil:

    Problems I see:

    Once the SS is activated it would start BB, causing the SS to turn off, causing BB to end.

    Once the SS is activated it would start BB, causing the SS to turn off, then when the SS kicked in again it would try to load another task of BB.


    Anyone? :?:
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    It seems pretty simple, you jsut need somone with some programming experience...
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    a screen saver is just an exe renamed to src or something

    so your should just be able to change the extension on the file and then select it as a screen saver

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    A lot of .exes will run as screensavers if you change their extension to .scr, however for quite a few programs, this doesn't work - and I'd be guessing that render servers would fit into that category.

    I would have thought there was a setting either on the slave servers or the master server to only initialise rendering when x amount of system resources are free.

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