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Ok, I installed Deep Freeze Pro 5.2 and now I can't thaw my computer, How do I get to the option where I type my password to thaw the hard drive?

Have more info if required.
Type: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F6

If that won't work then delete the file
C:\program files\HyperTechnologies\Deep Freeze\dfservex.exe

This must be done from DOS
1)Shut down your PC
2)Boot from a FLOPPY DISK with the old DOS
Change directory to C:\progra˝1\hypert˝1\deepfr˝1
del dfservex.exe (i.e. delete the Deep Freeze program)
Remove the FDD and reboot
Note: the "˝" in the text above stands for the tilde (the little snake on top of the "n". DOS uses this symbol for folder names with more than eight characters)
This kills Deep Freeze for good.
Have fun