Im not sure what section to post this as the problem feels like it could go into several forums. First of all...every day after booting up I get the blue screen of death and lately an Error message for WIn 32 with a code of 0x0000008E. I sometimes get other ones but this is the most frequent lately. I took it in for repairs for like the 3rd or 4th time for this problem (Blue screen of deaths;) and after all repairs came home to the same thing! They say it doesnt crash for them. Then they said it was my modem. Well this week i went to DSL so they told me not to replace it cause I would be bypassing it. Well..short story...problem persists. Now after crashing my DSL doesnt hook up. Can take anywhere from 4 minutes up to 45 before I have the internet. Any clues??? Im sick of taking it in and paying for repairs and every time I bring it back it does the same thing. Any ideas?????????? SHARI