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Thread: Best DVD Copy software

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    Default Best DVD Copy software

    I am looking for your opinion on the best software to backup my DVDs.

    I have searched around a ton, and read reviews, but it seems as though many of the reviews are on sites that are trying to sell you the software (and are therefore biased).

    I'm looking for one that will compress dual layer DVDs to fit on a single layer, support for episodic DVDs, etc.

    Just wanted some real world experiences. Anyone have a favorite?

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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    DVD Decryptor

    DVD Shrink

    That is all you need
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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    ive always used DVD Decrypter - never tried any others, as it does everything i need.
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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    Quote Originally Posted by Thoric
    ive always used DVD Decrypter - never tried any others, as it does everything i need.
    Thoric, yes, most of the time, DVD Decrypter does what I need it to do also, but seriously, try DVD Shrink. It's a very simple program to use and does a real good job of getting a double layer shrunk down to fit on a single layer DVD.

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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    DVD Shrink & Clone DVD
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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    For my money, it's the AnyDVD and CloneDVD combination. AnyDVD will bypass all copy and regional restrictions without modification to your DVD drive's firmware and CloneDVD does the rest.

    To me, they rule.

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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    1CLICKDVD COPY is the easiest I have ever used and is full featured. Just download a seperate ripper program (they give you the links) and away you go.
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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    I've tried most all of 'em from free to $300 with little High qualty success. If you're looking for free, Smart Ripper & DVD Decrypter are quick, simple and do it all. You want Cheap, Daemon Tools/Alcohol 120% will write ISO's that play in virtual drives, games included and archive on CD. You want fairly high quality with good compression, DVD Clone2 period!

    But, if you want Better than DVD quality that burn to a single CD, and menus & such aren't a priority, DVD Decrypter and Gordians Knot produce the highest quality XviD/DivX video available...........and once again they're both Free.

    Whatever you decide on is your headquarters for Tutorials, Codecs and support forums while ya figure out what works best for you! Good luck!!
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    Default Re: Best DVD Copy software

    DVD Shrink

    It doesn't burn them very well for me. I just create ISO's and then have nero burn 'em.

    Overall takes like 45 minutes to burn a dvd?

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