Hope someone be able to help me, I have had Ares for a while and its great. I want a friend of mine to download somthing I have gave her the Hash link (she has Ares) and came up in the transfer section but just said "connecting" nothing else. Even thou I was on Ares and she should of been able to download the file.

I left the computer on all night and so did she hoping it would connect while we were sleeping but I got booted of the net over night (even thou I thought adsl you cant, but you seem like you can) but I couldnt get back into Ares having the same issues everyone else I know. Which I NEVER had before so I installed the so called 'newer' vision and now connnected and running.

Anyway my friend has not tried the hask link again yet as she on the other side of Australia (we live in australia I'm in the east she in the west) so they still sleeping over there

But could the reason why it was not downloading my file was cause she had the newer vision of Ares and I didnt. (she download it only a few weeks back while I had it a few months) if not could there be another other reason why?

Also had another friend who got ares and I gave her the link too and it was doing the same thing for her, in the transfer section saying "connecting" and she just download the newer one as she had to clean her computer the other day.

Sorry for the long post just want to know why that happen...when I know people can download stuff from me they do it all the time, so I know its not that type of issue.

Any information, advise or whatever would be greatly appricated.