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Thread: Being port scanned, help!

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    Default Being port scanned, help!

    In the past week or so Panda Anti-Virus has warned me twice that there was an intrustion attempt on my computer (port scan), I read somewhere that port scans are used to test for weaknesses in a computer's security, but that's all I really know.

    Anyone have any information on this or know why it might be occuring?

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    Default Re: Being port scanned, help!

    Port scanning is almost always taking place across the entire spectrum of the Internet. Some are legitimate programs searching for access points (PC Anywhere is a good example of this) and they scan a very broad range looking for their intended target computer to communicate with. On the other hand, many are also malicious bots that are looking for computers that can be infiltrated and taken over. It doesn't do much good to have a utility alert you every time you're port scanned as it will be a very frequent alarm. The best bet is to get a hardware based firewall (most good router/switches have them in place already) and not worry too much about it. The firewall will block those ports that are normally used to break into your machine and in essence make you invisible while online.
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    Default Re: Being port scanned, help!

    Just get yourself a router. Either that, or start using a software firewall. A hardware firewall is preferable in that it doesn't hog system resources, but unless you have a fairly extensive knowledge of security you may want to use both anyway.

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