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Thread: PC Anywhere?????

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    Default PC Anywhere?????

    I want to work on my office computer from home. Wiith PC Anywhere, can I get in my files at work and edit, update, and manipulate data or am I limited to just viewing. I am using Quickbooks Pro. If not PC Anywhere, are there any programs out there that will allow me to do that?



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    Default Re: PC Anywhere?????

    Short answer: PC Anywhere will allow you to do everything you mentioned.

    Long answer: Unless you already own PC Anywhere (and hopefully a relatively recent version, such as 9.0 or 10.0), I don't recommend it for two reasons: (1) it's expensive and overpriced for what it does, and (2) it's extremely cumbersome and difficult to set up properly (often requires professional tech help), even more so if you have to go through a corporate firewall and/or deal with domain security policies (talk to your network administrator if any of this applies to you).

    You didn't mention how you connect to the internet, but if you have any kind of broadband connection, you may be better off looking into subscribing to GoToMyPC for 14.95/mo for one host. It's secure, fast, easy to set up and easy to use. If you have a dial-up connection at home, you can still use GoToMyPC, but be aware that any remote work you do will be very slow (same applies to PC Anywhere).

    If your office PC is not connected to the internet by any kind of broadband always-on connection and only has a dial-up modem, PC Anywhere will still work, but you'll have to set up the "Host" to be running on your office PC and your office modem to answer on ring. Make sure you don't have a FAX line using the same number, or at least set the number of rings on your host PC to be less than the number of rings on your FAX device. If this applies to you, be aware that incoming FAX calls may interrupt your PC Anywhere connection (try disabling Call Waiting if you have this problem), or at the very least, be blocked from being received as long as you are in a remote session.

    Hope this helps.
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