Ive been having an issue with Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% where it wont let me mount a virtual drive. i keep getting a SCSI/RAID Host Controller error. it would appear the SCSI/RAID is pulling as a virtual drive and interfering with me adding a virtual cdrom drive. It would seem I need to prevent it from doing this, but even if i unstall the Host SCSI/RAID and restart. Once I try to create a virtual drive with Alcohol 120% it gives me the error again and the Host SCSI/RAID shows up in Device Manager again. Anyone know what i can do to resolve this? I just switched boards in this system and added a new CPU. I have my system set up with SATA I which is exactly how it was set up before on my old board and i never had a problem with Daemon or Alochol. Im not running a Raid array either. My specs are below.

CPU:Athlon 64 X2 3800
RAM:1 GB crap Value select RAM---really needs to replacing for this system to be where i want it.