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Thread: Software to turn fans off

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    Default Software to turn fans off

    I got some new cooling devices for my computer, mainly water cooling, but the problem is my fan controller only has three ports but i have 6 fans. I dont have any 3 pin splitters. The 3 fans i have plugged into the motherboard i would like to be able to turn off when not needed, i dont need to adjust the speed or anything. Does anyone know of any software that can do this. I have tried SpeedFan but it doesn't work at all on my computer. It says one fan is 41274 rpm. I have an Asus A8N-SLI deluxe if that matters. Thanks

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    Default Re: Software to turn fans off

    There's no software that will reduce the speed of a fan connected to a molex connector on your power supply. A molex to 3-pin converter or a third-party fan controller would be necessary.

    Why would you have six fans in a water-cooled environment? I might get a couple fans for chipset and video card (assuming they don't have water blocks), but six is way uneccessary.

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    I figured out why speed fan wasn't working. Also the three fans that weren't connected to the fan controller were plugged into the motherboard using the 3 pin connecter, they were never plugged directly to the power supply. Also i have 6 fans because i had the case before i got the water cooling. Six fans also let me run it at a large overclock while barely being able to hear the computer run.

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