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Thread: Suggest a storage / backup strategy for me!

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    Default Suggest a storage / backup strategy for me!

    I just thought I'd throw this question out there and get some other opinions from folks. I've just recently set up a new computer, and I want to organize it now before it gets too hard to move everything around in the future.

    I'm running Vista Ultimate 64bit and have 2 hard drives to play with. My main drive is a WD 500GB drive (32mb cache) with the OS and apps installed with it. I bought a second 250GB drive (16mb cache) to connect internally to use as a built in backup drive.

    I'm basically just looking to back up my documents and stuff (which includes music). I'm assuming down the road I'll have videos and whatnot stored on the computer, but for now the majority of my media files are itunes music.

    For software, I can either use the vista backup program, or I can possibly get my hands on norton ghost (but would rather use the vista one if it's good enough).

    I've thought about a couple of options:

    leave all my files on drive 1, use drive 2 as a backup and just have vista back up the documents to there and do nothing else.

    make drive 2 my media drive, but also dump backups to it. I'm not expecting to use up my 500GB of space on the first drive, but who knows.

    partition the second drive into a backup partition and a media files section... sort of a change on option B. Wouldnt know how big to make each partition though.

    What would you do if it was you? My objectives are basically to backup my documents, pictures, and probably music files in case of a hard drive failure with the main drive. I'm trying to move a lot of my personal documents to electronic form with a scanner so I can get rid of paper around my office, but need to insure a hardware failure doesn't screw me!

    What are your thoughts?
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    Default Re: Suggest a storage / backup strategy for me!


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