Hey all

not sure if this is the right forum, as its both a hardware and software related topic. But since the main function is the software behind it and the hardware is just a carry for it, I though I post it here.

I'm only myself here, but got a somewhat more advanced setup then most home users, and can prolly most likely be compared to a small office. And now I'm expanding it

60/60mbit fiber optical internet (meassured at 75/85)
- Web+mail server
- Media+file server
- 3 workstations
- 1 game station
- several htpcs and wireless devices (phones, pads)

At the moment I only got the one domain (web+mail) pointed out to my local server, but soon 2 more will be pointed to the same server. This is so far no problem, but in a couple of month 2 additional domains will be pointed towards my IP and they need to point to a different server that will be set up here.
Since it's the same ports used, my routers functionality stops...

So I aint really sure what I need here, to the best of my knowledge i would be needing to setup a local DNS server to manage it, but I aint sure.
Maybe there are routers out there for decent money that can do this already? (couldn't find anything useful in my dir-855, and can't even flash it with dd-wrt to test that due to the ubicomm cpu). Or maybe its a gateway system of some sort I need?

I'm totally blank on this area, where to start really, since I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

My goals are as low cost as possible and more important, silent and low power consumption .. got enough systems running up my bill already :)
One thing that caught my eye, not cheap though, is this: mini-itx.com - store - FX5624 industrial firewall/router platform

As always, any input is appreciated and thanks in advance.