Hi everybody :

I'm currently running Windows 7 Professional--32 bit. My question is in reference to iTunes software. I was wondering if there is an alternative software to use instead. With iTunes, in order for me to download a song from the iTunes library, I have to download the entire folder. Then, on my ipad, I delete the songs that I didn't want. Same thing for photos. Any photos that are stored on iTunes, I have to download the entire folder, then when the photos are in my ipad pictures folder, I delete the photos that I didn't want to download. On the flip-side, I just got (a while ago) a Samsung Galaxy S6. With this, I simply do a transfer of single photos I took with my phone to PC. And, the same with music. Any song that I want to transfer to my phone, I just select that song, and do a "copy-and-paste" to the appropriate folder on my phone. Why does Apple make things complicated ?