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Thread: Outlook Express Mail Problem

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    actually OE does have rules but they are not as effective.
    its there in Tools --> Message Rules
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    Sorry I failed you WS:(

    I use a bit of a round-about method of spam control - you may have heard me mention it before:D


    It's a whopping 84kb download ------ and guess what?
    Yep! Good guess! It's free. :D

    I configure it to connect on demand to my mail server and download just the headers.
    That makes it go fast, no pics, no attatchments no nothing _just who it is from; to; subject.

    Simply mark for deletion the crap you don't want. Connect to update the server, and all the BS disappears.
    Then you can open your OE and retrieve the wanted mail that you left on the server.

    Any emails you find questionable can be retrieved with nPOP too.
    It won't execute automatically those nasty attatchments like OE is prone to doing at times.
    Simple enough to mark those for recieve and connect to get the rest of the message.

    I'm not saying it is the solution to end all solutions, but once you get the hang of it, it is a fast and easy method to destroy unwanted messages BEFORE they get to your actual inbox.

    nPOP is a fully functional email program, but I just use it like a sifter - all the unwanted chunks get left behind, and only the pure stuff is left.
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    I'll give that one a whirl Mr C. Thanks for the advice.

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    Sadly it is the only fool-proof method I have found :(

    Once you get used to using it, you will find it is quite efficient, and as you are only downloading the headers and not the entire message, it is fast too.

    It does add an extra 3 steps or so to retrieving your mail each time, but the level of safety it provides makes it well worth the time spent.

    Not a lot of built in help with nPOP - but being a simple program, configuring and using it is quite straightforward.

    It took me a couple tries getting it right, but now I refuse to open mail from my dial-up account without viewing it in nPOP first.
    I've got Outlook Express all set to not open attatchments etc. etc. for safety, but I feel so much more comfortable now that nPOP stands between my OE inbox and any nastiness that my server may hold.

    Good luck to you WS!

    When I stumble across a better method, I will certainly let you know about it :thumb:
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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