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Thread: Programs shutting down!

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    Hey and thanx in advance for help!

    FOr some reason whenever I make a program, I will compile it and link it, then when I go to where it is located and try to run it, it will simply flash and then end in less than a second. It does this with all DOS-type apps.

    please Help!,
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    Huh, Ive always had the exact same problem with any DOS type apps also, I havent found a fix yet, but I think mybe its something to do with Anti-Virus maybe, or a popupkiller? May have something to dso with XP, but I know for me format and reinstall has never fixed it, so I wouldnt try that.

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    instead of running it via Windows Explorer or whatever you are using, try it through the command prompt (Go to Run, cmd). What will be happening is that your program will either be giving an error or finishing, so the window will automatically close as the program that was trying to run is no longer running. Using a basic command prompt line should stop that.

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    or you can goto the exe's properties and there is a tick box about wether to close the window when its finished or not
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