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Thread: 1.1 Final released

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    you can have it co-exist on the same machine as M$ Office. Only thing you have to do is tell OOo not to become the default app for M$ Office files.

    As for features, it certainly does have all the features, but it is redisgned. OOo does take a little getting used to though; but it's been my experience that once people get used to it they like the layout much better than M$ Office. Don't get me wrong, OOo isn't hard to use at all... it's just a little different than the M$ Office so many people are used to. The only feature that I am aware is lacking, is the use of macros. But that was with 1.03... I'm not sure what has been done with it in 1.1 *EDIT: OOo 1.1.0 does support Macros now, and supports them well :)

    Compatablity is also great. I read and write M$ docs almost daily and I havn't had a problem yet. Athough I prefer the standard OOo file types, it's not a problem to open and save docs as M$ Office file types.

    I'd just recomend that you co-install OOo with M$ Office until you are comfortable with it and hopefully it will completely replacce M$ Office for you as it has for me. OOo is free and doesn't take up much HDD space, so you don't have anything to loose by trying it. :)
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    i have loads of job of writing huge articles or other project work for my college/hospital and i use OOo on my Linux install for all this work now.
    i simply love the feature where it offers me loads of words while i m typing. i don't know what that this feature is called but on 99% of times it guesses correctly as to what i want to write and its just a hit of enter key from there. it has reduced my writing times to around 70-75% of what it used to be.
    MS should see this feature. i know the "Auto Complete" feature is there in Word too, but it doesn't offer lot of words and i am too lazy to configure it specially for this job.
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    OpenOffice 1.1 Released</center> 1.1 can be downloaded now. It represents months of testing, improvement, innovation. There is no other office suite like it, either in terms of features or code. And it's free. Right now, it's only availble in English. Different languages will be ready shortly.

    The list of new features since 1.0 is long. We have put together information that will help the curious understand why this is such an important release.
    # Press Kit
    # 1.1 Features
    # 1.1 Download Sites
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