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Thread: Trillian Pro 2.0 BETA

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    Cerulean Software have begun BETA testing Trillian Pro 2.0. I've just started my official test and will post up my findings in a few days. If anyone else happens to be testing the program your input would be much appreciated :)

    Trillian Homepage

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Trillian.

    [EDIT]The remaining part was not needed so removed ;)[/EDIT]
    :: Teqno Haxor ::

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    Are you allowed to comment on any of the new features it has over 1.0 Pro? I'm interested to see what's new...

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    Trillian v2.0 Pro includes many new features and bug fixes. Briefly:
    • Full Unicode support
    • Enhanced SDK
    • Skin zips
    • And many bug fixes and feature requests

    I will find the changelog.txt file and post it tommorrow, I will also be uploading some screenshots. Oh and a note for anyone looking for the file on the net, even if you can find the setup EXE it requires a valid subscriber username and password, so don't waste your time :(
    :: Teqno Haxor ::

    ICQ: 62733050
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    Version 2.0 Pro (Beta 1) July 1, 2003
    * Feature: A new event on status changes so that online sound does not trigger on status change
    * Feature: A quick way to change profiles (via the File menu)
    * Feature: A way to delete the recent container list
    * Feature: Add a tooltip for systray alerts so that you can mouse over and read, if its too long
    * Feature: Added example of %d in timestamp
    * Feature: Added Trillian to the Default IM group
    * Feature: Advanced section of skins so that you can change emoticons, languages, interface, sounds
    * Feature: Alerts allow sign off and status change options
    * Feature: All browser pages opened through a central spot, so that plugins can be the default browser
    * Feature: All dlls are properly versioned
    * Feature: An easy way to switch layouts within a window (right click->advanced)
    * Feature: Be able to hide systray alerts when away
    * Feature: Better default section colors
    * Feature: Better looking default menus
    * Feature: Better looking floating entries
    * Feature: Buffer when negotiating secureIM
    * Feature: Context menu button in Trillian windows (keyboard)
    * Feature: Ctrl+c and Ctrl+insert over list will copy the text in the list
    * Feature: Default message systray alert (Bob says: Hello)
    * Feature: Default sign on/off systray alert (Bob has signed on)
    * Feature: Floaters will snap to the edges of the screen
    * Feature: Global connect/disconnect program action events
    * Feature: Jpeg2000 support for skins
    * Feature: Kill alerts via right click
    * Feature: Last message received information in the status bar
    * Feature: Listviews select the entire line, not just initial column
    * Feature: Mass 'reset default source' for multiple contacts
    * Feature: MetaContact alerts
    * Feature: New event - kill all alert windows
    * Feature: New yahoo webcam format support
    * Feature: Newer version of Expat, so utf8 files are properly supported
    * Feature: New contact adding wizard
    * Feature: Option to clear the log from within the message window
    * Feature: Option to not log secure sessions
    * Feature: Per connection contact list support
    * Feature: Quick-Add plugin loading button
    * Feature: Revamped alert system, including mass alerts
    * Feature: Revamped some drawing code to support future technologies
    * Feature: Revert to original contact name by entering in 0 text in the inline edit
    * Feature: right click edit -> insert -> history -> list of last 10
    * Feature: Right click MetaContact->mass message
    * Feature: Scroll the window while you select text
    * Feature: Scrollbar added to email from within window
    * Feature: Select many contacts-> set default source
    * Feature: Show 'text copied to clipboard' when you select text
    * Feature: Show the progress of a file transfer within the title of the window
    * Feature: Skin chooser is now within preferences (no second click required)
    * Feature: Subcontact events, so that a MetaContact can trigger an event without seeing its subcontacts
    * Feature: Systray events have 'on click' event trigger
    * Feature: Tooltip, taskbar, menubar, display, edit and icon holder can be transparent in skins now
    * Feature: Tooltips for emoticons within the window
    * Feature: Trillian will ask to restart on skin change
    * Feature: Unicode support throughout the client
    * Feature: Variables within the event system
    * Feature: Yahoo webcam sizes
    * Feature: Better IME support, so that voice recognition window shows up in the right spot
    * Feature: Tabbed window option for containers (forces maximize state)
    * Feature: All links throughout trillian abide by the 'open new browser' pref
    * Feature: Buddy icons are now per medium
    * Feature: Window preferences are now per medium/name, not just per name
    * Feature: Double click button support
    * Feature: Added /noplugins command line param
    * Feature: Type in multiple characters into a list to search for an entry
    * Feature: All emoticons should work now (except :s, sorry)
    * Feature: Added a shadow to floaters (XP)
    * Feature: Added a shadow to menus and fixed trails when they leave
    * Feature: Floaters move much faster now under XP
    * Feature: Tabbed windows
    * Feature: Better tooltips with buddy icon shown for contacts
    * Feature: MSN windows will now morph into a chat session with more than 2 people
    * Feature: Systray alerts now grow to fit content
    * Feature: Systray alerts will fall to be as close to clock as they can
    * Feature: Systray alerts show buddy icon if available
    * Feature: Language pack support
    * Feature: Animation added within the emoticon window
    * Feature: Emoticon window now has newer layout with group support
    * Feature: Status integration within the chat window
    * Feature: Winshade mode within the default whistler skin
    * Feature: Detect when plugins are updated on the server and notify via systray
    * Feature: Emoticon scaling based on text size
    * Feature: Hidden windows within a container can be cycled to with ctrl+tab
    * Feature: Right click menu for systray uses Trillian menu
    * Feature: New loading and about screens
    * Feature: Right click menu for systray includes a "Tasks" menu now
    * Feature: Faster jpeg file loading
    * Feature: Skin zips (.tsz files)
    * Feature: Basic PNG support
    * Feature: New events for Fast User Switching

    * Fixed: A docked, hidden contact list will steal space even though its hidden
    * Fixed: Aim users get a large font on mass messaging sometimes
    * Fixed: Alt+F, etc for menubar entries
    * Fixed: An issue where the contact list will invalidate itself
    * Fixed: Better error when log viewer not found
    * Fixed: Black and white will be slightly faster
    * Fixed: Border of window (OS-made) should appear less often
    * Fixed: Choose a current event, change to systray choice, will not pick default choice
    * Fixed: Click the title area of a floater near the left, it will expand if it.s a group
    * Fixed: commas in a URL will not work well when clicking the use current button
    * Fixed: Cordillera medium icons not showing up in Pro
    * Fixed: CTCP action in irc with no params
    * Fixed: Custom windows sometimes redrew often prior to display
    * Fixed: Default +/- icons in list are not transparent
    * Fixed: Desktop Flashing when Trillian loaded
    * Fixed: Disable add button in message window if they already exist
    * Fixed: disabled edit box message does not show up according to skin colors
    * Fixed: disabled menu icon showing its hovered state
    * Fixed: Docking saving after reboot
    * Fixed: Emoticons properly select when selected in the window (invert colors)
    * Fixed: Events->general screen does not work well with large fonts
    * Fixed: Faster phase switching on some skins
    * Fixed: File sending button will be disabled in the window if it is not supported for that medium
    * Fixed: Focus on the password section of the profile login screen if only one profile exists
    * Fixed: ICQ/Yahoo accented characters
    * Fixed: If an away message is not listed in away menu, it could stop other away messages from working
    * Fixed: if file transfer directory does not exist, fix it up
    * Fixed: if no console exists, don.t show console option in message window menu
    * Fixed: if people put weird display name characters, file transfer may not properly create the directory
    * Fixed: Image referencing within the skin
    * Fixed: issue if we get black on black background, we will invert it (from mac computers)
    * Fixed: Issue where a window becomes unclickable unless you click another window
    * Fixed: Issue where certain menu popups will not show when moused over too quickly
    * Fixed: Issue where default browser on system is not used
    * Fixed: Issue where inline editing can be off by a pixel or two
    * Fixed: issue where menubar may not properly calculate widths
    * Fixed: Issue where metacontacts must be the last thing within a icon list in the skin
    * Fixed: issue where the XP icon will not show up initially
    * Fixed: Issues where some directories are invalid, it will properly regenerate them
    * Fixed: Kill the cursor when the edit box is disabled
    * Fixed: Limit the length of the folder that can be created based on a users name for file transfers
    * Fixed: List sorting in the plugins area
    * Fixed: Minimize a window sometimes does not kill flashing of the window
    * Fixed: Moving up and down on the plugin pref page will not update the bottom
    * Fixed: No way to change the profile name after created
    * Fixed: paste in text, have colored outgoing text, it will go back to black when typing again
    * Fixed: Phase changing screwing up in initial window
    * Fixed: Play sounds when in focus button in events does not stick sometimes
    * Fixed: Plugin installer crashing on load
    * Fixed: Preferences->windows edit box does not have enough room
    * Fixed: press right, right on a submenu that has a submenu and it will draw wrong
    * Fixed: Quality of webcam should be better by default
    * Fixed: right click a contact and move to root, will not move
    * Fixed: Sections do not save their ordering all the time
    * Fixed: Send URL button in a mass message window
    * Fixed: Set me back on message checkbox will work all the time
    * Fixed: Settings should save better on reboot
    * Fixed: Skin choice not saving 100% of the time
    * Fixed: skin chooser when launched initially will not show default skin
    * Fixed: Skin preview area to properly fit a 320x240 image (with default fonts on)
    * Fixed: some issues where metacontacts do not show the right bolding or do not get unbolded
    * Fixed: Some issues where the log file does not work
    * Fixed: Some issues with invalid buddies.xml files
    * Fixed: Sometimes icons are cut off initially in contact list
    * Fixed: Sometimes owner drawn groups are not displayed properly when floating
    * Fixed: Startup/shutdown screen prefs do not save properly sometimes
    * Fixed: Tasks menu does not bring a hidden file transfer to front, just shows it
    * Fixed: Text formatting within a systray alert sometimes does not work well wrapped
    * Fixed: Tooltip for a resizable button will adhere for the whole button
    * Fixed: Tooltips over the contact list sometimes do not line up 100% of the time
    * Fixed: Transparency setting for windows will save better
    * Fixed: Trillian will not move on a brief resolution change
    * Fixed: User events not always listed in the event choice
    * Fixed: Where enter key gives a newline in some occasions when its supposed to send
    * Fixed: Wordmatching sounds get a higher priority than incoming message sounds
    * Fixed: Issues with autohistory and some crashes
    * Fixed: Security issues throughout
    * Fixed: DND a file to a contact will not abide by default source
    * Fixed: Better initial listview column width calculation
    * Fixed: Store the desired size for phase changes (helps winshade mode)
    * Fixed: Hotkey may not be set if its action is not loaded on startup
    * Fixed: When a section is shown, it may not update scrollbar location
    * Fixed: Template windows will not phase change properly
    * Fixed: Added a utf8 header to logs so that they will show in notepad correctly
    * Fixed: Optimized the html on sending text so that you can send more on mediums which have limits
    * Fixed: Issue where other windows will jump to front when switching between menubar entries
    * Fixed: Bug where systray alerts may show a blue background inappropriately
    * Fixed: Options->set font within IM windows will select the current font
    * Fixed: End a line with an emoticon, it may skip a line
    * Fixed: If an invalid DirectIM is given, ignore
    * Fixed: Issue where ctrl+tab may not cycle properly within a container

    * Change: Added some more text to the initial profile wizard
    * Change: Added to text to distinguish between Trillian profiles and Aim profiles (for instance)
    * Change: Do not say that no skins are found when they were found
    * Change: Fixed button ordering in some areas to be more correct
    * Change: Removed the show tooltip event, pointless
    * Change: The initial bulk sign on time is more accurate
    * Change: Title of resume edit box to already exists
    * Change: Description static within preferences->plugins is longer now

    * SDK: Able to make your own medium...finally
    * SDK: Allow multiple aliases of the same text to be triggered on (unless a stop is given)
    * SDK: Be able to detect what version of Trillian is running
    * SDK: Be able to launch a particular preferences page
    * SDK: Be able to register for your own particular protocols for links
    * SDK: Change name to be the real_name on a broadcastMessage (sorry to those who hacked this to work)
    * SDK: Contact list enumerate will return the real status, not the pending status
    * SDK: Drag and drop support in the contact list
    * SDK: Events able to be caught with their variables, registered for, etc
    * SDK: Interplugin communication
    * SDK: Skin based access, along with skin adding from within plugin
    * SDK: XML access
    * SDK: Increased to version 2 of the SDK (if you only support features in 1.1 and above, make your plugin version 2)
    * SDK: Added global config directory and trillian directory to load
    * SDK: New alert response generated "alert_initiatedDestroy"
    * SDK: Allow access to contact tooltips

    * Y!: my mail account double click was opening in the same browser - fixed to open in new browser.
    * Y!: added 'send file' ability.
    * Y!: allow usernames (and others)
    * Y!: default webcam quality of 7
    * Y!: add 'clear mail notification' to right click
    * Y!: better parsing of non-english characters.
    * Y!: profile viewing will use minibrowser when available
    * Y!: fixed crash with new message being sent by yahoo servers.

    * MSN: profile viewing will use minibrowser when available
    * MSN: set a 0 priority to your own MSN account if its in a meta contact
    * MSN: go directly to a new message in hotmail when clicking systray alert.
    * MSN: fixed one issue where users will get disconnected after connecting (bad buddies.xml file)
    * MSN: mobile messaging - choose a source, we forget to open a mobile window.
    * MSN: incoming file transfers ignored your filename choice if you overrode the original
    * MSN: fixed bug with display name crashes
    * MSN: unicode support for changing display name dialogs.
    * MSN: Inbound webcam viewing supported.

    * AIM: aim preferences crash when server data not available fixed.
    * AIM: make sure profiles are written to disk after sending to server.
    * AIM: auto vscroll the edit profile window
    * AIM: be sure to write profile to disk after sending to server.
    * AIM: fix BLT import crash when quoted buddy has alerts.
    * AIM: imported buddies sometimes not getting right click menus.
    * AIM: in normal aim get member info dialog put "*download minibrowser plugin here for html based profiles".
    * AIM: better description for error code 20.
    * AIM: allow customized mail links for accounts - compuserve and netscape users can change this.
    * AIM: better intelligence when seeking a connection for a get member info request.
    * AIM: fixed not seeing mac clients buddy icons.
    * AIM: option to not log SecureIM messages.
    * AIM: user is typing support
    * AIM: support
    * AIM: fixed crash with AOL8 users

    * ICQ: strip preceding 0's from SMS number area codes.
    * ICQ: delete an account, recreate, tells you that it already exists.
    * ICQ: added "send sms message" link to console windows so you don't need to bind #s to contacts.
    * ICQ: don't treat invisible contacts as 'away' priority in a meta contact
    * ICQ: window creation was considering SMS windows real windows.
    * ICQ: option to not log SMS messages.
    * ICQ: option to not log SecureIM messages.
    * ICQ: fixed ICQ2Go compatibility
    * ICQ: fix some weird global invisible -> global back bug.

    * IRC: some prefs weren't saving right.
    * IRC: better IRCX support, dont send busted ping commands
    * IRC: use the right port when reconnecting to an IRC server
    * IRC: fixed server passwords not working

    * IMs: cleaned up menu sanity somewhat - make sure all options sync across media.
    * IMs: add versions to DLLs.
    * IMs: in 'modify alerts', if you deselect all alerts and hit 'ok', alert will now be removed.
    * IMs: removing a mail account dumps settings to disk now.
    * IMs: better error checking when socket() fails - these were some really unchecked cases and i found
    a few weird memory leaks along the way. yippie!
    * IMs: make sure files are truncated on overwrite.
    * IMs: sped up file transfers.
    * IMs: Fixed security issues throughout

    * PROXY: plugins were showing up twice in listing in certain conditions.

    * RSS: bug - wasn't showing the last entry of an RSS feed.
    * RSS: ensure proper parsing of &amp and &quot in title and description.
    * RSS: allow importing of OPML files with title,xmlUrl,type=rss fields.
    * RSS: 'last checked' time wasn't showing up properly.
    * RSS: highlight recently updated feeds (optional)
    * RSS: view source in group right click
    * RSS: view channel home in group right click
    * RSS: download image tags if available and show in tooltip
    * RSS: added refresh time option for feeds

    * POP3: fixed crash when 'show mail accounts in contact list' off and account was added
    * POP3: fixed some quirks with removing accounts and accounts still displaying in contact list
    * POP3: show last 5 messages as child of mail account (optional)

    * ACCUWEATHER: strip extra whitespace at the end of zipcodes/ticket symbols
    * ACCUWEATHER: allow drag and drop of entities
    * ACCUWEATHER: add contact data to new tooltips

    * STOCKS: strip extra whitespace at the end of zipcodes/ticket symbols
    * STOCKS: customizable display patterns added
    * STOCKS: added variables and options to control how many shares of a stock you own
    * STOCKS: added edit ability for symbols - change format string and share count.
    * STOCKS: fixed bug with case sensitive symbols
    * STOCKS: allow drag and drop of entities

    * MYSTUFF: Show URL Grabber information without a drawer (in its section)
    * MYSTUFF: options to limit url grabber
    * MYSTUFF: Be able to create new folders and drag and drop between them
    * MYSTUFF: Unicode Support
    * MYSTUFF: Inline renaming functionality
    * MYSTUFF: Allow URL Grabber to go into the IE Favorites
    * MYSTUFF: Allow web searching using MySearch from within

    * CLIPBOARD: Add a copy to clipboard button within the clip view

    * MINIBROWSER: Set as the default browser
    * MINIBROWSER: Update location bar when you visit a page
    * MINIBROWSER: Update title bar when you visit a page
    * MINIBROWSER: Expand edit area as you enlarge the window
    * MINIBROWSER: Option: Suppress some popups
    * MINIBROWSER: Enter key will trigger 'go' button

    * JABBER: Basic Jabber and preliminary XMPP support
    * JABBER: groupchat
    * JABBER: iq:oob file transfers
    * JABBER: SSL support

    * SPELLCHECK: underlines misspelled words in real-time
    * SPELLCHECK: right-click offers suggested replacements
    * SPELLCHECK: supports autocorrects
    :: Teqno Haxor ::

    ICQ: 62733050
    MSN: [email protected]

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    Trillian is good, but after using Gaim on Linux, I had to start using it in Windows too's just soo much better IMO


    *and it's all free..there is no freeware vs Pro ($$) stuff
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    I love trillian, but do you have a link on gaim minibubba? would like to see whats different about it....

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    there is a link in my last post ;)

    but if you'd like it again, it's here: :)
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    my bad :) I'm using opera and those links done show up properly :)

    course it could be my drunken state lol

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    in that case, I'm going to have to promote another one of my prefered pieces of software :D

    and an installer is available here:

    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    oh no tks anyways....mozilla cant stay where its at...

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