Microsoft Virtual PC is a powerful software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation, providing a safety net to maintain compatibility with legacy applications while you migrate to a new operating system. It also saves reconfiguration time, so your support, development, and training staff can work more efficiently.

Microsoft will release Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 late in calendar year 2003. In the meantime, a 45-day free trial of the Connectix Virtual PC for Windows version 5, now from Microsoft, can be downloaded for evaluation purposes.

August 15th was the last day customers could purchase Virtual PC for Windows from Connectix. In late 2003, Microsoft will release a new version of Virtual PC (Microsoft Virtual PC 2004) which may have different features and may require migration from the current Connectix Virtual PC for Windows product. You can find more information about Microsoft's Virtual PC for Windows product plans and support options, and you can download a trial version of Virtual PC for Windows 5.2 at

Currently, Microsoft has also made available the complete version of Virtual PC for Windows 5.2(43.6 Mb) for MSDN Subscribers at MSDN subscribers site.