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Thread: NERO burning

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    I have a problem that is being repeated on my computer, with several instalation of WINXP, with two different cd-burners (52xNec and 48x Plextor writter ) that I've changed on this computer so far-thinking that that was the problem.

    Each song writen in the audio CD format is having mictakes in first 1-3 seconds of the song(using NERO). In these opening seconds the song is interupted by little time intervals without sound,or not playing continously.
    Problem is ocuring only when audio cd is playing on standard CD-player or WMP. The problem is ocuring even when I copy original CD with CloneCD.
    What could be a problem?
    I was asked by the audiograbber to install aspi 4.71.2 drivers and I did so?

    Help. I cant record a decent audio cd.

    CPU Athlon xp 2000
    RAM 512 DDR 333
    AGP MSI GF4 Ti4200
    HDD 120 GB WD 8MB cache
    CD Samsung 52x
    CD-RW NEC NR-9300A
    Im using Nero, and CloneCD


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    i have not used nero for sometime now but i think that when you burn an audio CD in Nero there is an option saying...put a gap of 1-3 seconds between 2 tracks or something like that to make ur CD's look more professional.
    also burn track-at-once rather than disk-at-once.
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    If CloneCD has the same problem, then something strange is going on...

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    nope - never had a problem with Nero - sorry cant help you. :shrug:

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