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Thread: ReForce messed up my monitor settingsq

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    I was reading the Tweaktown Battlefield 1982 tweak guide and it said something about downloading a program called ReForce.exe So i downloaded it.

    Now when ever i play the game it says something along the lines of:

    Sync. Out of Range

    In a big white box that floats around the screen. What is this and how can i fix it to get it to work the way it did? I reinstalled battlefield but the problem still exists. Any ideas? Its not like i can uninstall the ReForce program since its just an executable file, not an installed program. HELP!!!!

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    The ReForce program is nothing more than a simple means to adjust the monitor refresh rates at all compatable resolutions at once. You might try going through the ReForce program again and making sure that you haven't set refresh rates for a value higher than your monitor can handle.
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    Go to Refresh force, and choose "Restore Original Settings" at the bottom to revert back to your original refresh rates.

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    Ok i went to "Restore Origional Settings" and it asked me what monitor i wanted to fix (the only one i have) and then it researched for my graphics card, and i restarted.

    It still says Sync. Out of Range whenever i play battlefield 1942. Now what?

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