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Thread: HELP! internet explorer/hotmail question

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    ok, so i have 2 hotmail accounts that i use. i want to know if their is any way someone can take my computer and look into and files and see the names of these accounts, their passwords, and access the account just in general after deleting the cookies and files out of the tools->internet options tab and deleting all the *.tmp files located on my computer. i am just curious if their is anything else logged that i am unaware about. thanks guys.

    p.s.- if they are located somewhere else can you direct me where to find them and a safe way to remove them from my computer.

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    Are you paranoid or do you just think someone is out to get you

    Sounds like you are on the right track to foil the casual/inexperienced nosy type people.

    Truth of the matter is, HotMail is far from secure and exploits enabling one to view another users account are easy enough to find on any decent search engine.

    So, continue your current course of action - maybe adding a good search for a keylogger/spyware eliminator and a trojan killer to your security regimen.

    But, even with all that - if someone wants to access your HotMail account bad enough, they will indeed do so.

    There just aren't a lot of secrets on the internet:devil:
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