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Thread: Video editing software

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    Im looking for the best video editing software of a PC. I want to be able to add music animations to even live video text and all that junk.

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    I don't know of a whole lot of programs but you won't need the 'best' to do what you have described. In fact some relatively bad ones (not really bad but worse than others) would do. If you don't want to download or buy anything and have Windows XP you might as well stick with Windows Movie Maker 2 (assuming you have it already). It's horrible compared to some but it should do what you need and is very easy to use. I guess you could get Adobe Premier. It's a bit harder to use than WMM (arguably) but you can do a lot more with it. I don't do a lot of video editing and I have Premier and WMM so I don't know of any others.

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    ONE thread is all you need.

    since you seem to have missed it, read this:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    Also the search function works a treat too. ;)

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    ULEAD has some cool things....all the way around

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    Hey Advent42

    I just got Vegas 4.0, previously sonic foundry but now owned by Sony. I use it to produce video clips, wedding videos, short films, web content, etc. The bundle I got comes with CD Architect and heaps of extras. Great video editing and DVD authoring rocks! Makes Premier look like Pac Man. Donít get me wrong premier is good I used it for years but Vegas is much easier to use and many more professional features, its just not marketed as effectively as Adobe software. Itís also a native match to the sonic foundry sound forge 7, about the best wave file editor in the world. CD architect is also native to Vegas i.e. same developers and has excellent DVD chaptering and professional featuresÖÖ.if youíre into video itís hard to beat!

    Check it out at
    P4 Titan Giga GT 2.8
    2 x 512 3200
    9600 128XT
    200gig SATA 7200
    RME multiface sound
    dual 19" viewmasters
    510 sony DVD burn

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