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Thread: Mozilla 1.6 beats Internet Explorer in every way

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    I'm not saying that it's not possible to get it working in my environment, but there's no need for me to actually spend the time trying to replace something that ain't broken. And with a local SUS server updating everyone's PC everytime they log on, IE updates happen automatically. So I'm content to leave it all be, instead of searching around for 'home made' plugins and what not to get a very similar product in the end.

    I think it's just the boring side of me rearing it's head again. I don't OC, I don't really try the various other products. I'm quite happy to use what works, and what is common.

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    I'm sorry, I did indeed quote you in my previous post.
    However most of that post was in no way directed at you personally but rather toward no one in particular. Just generalized ranting on my part. A shotgun posting without any specific target exept perhaps those who scoff at alternatives without any effort/trial.

    My point mainly being that we all to some degree do get lazy (probably not the best word, yet not entirely unsuitable either) and use that which is familiar to us. Rather than attempt to broaden our horizons a bit by trying new things.

    It is certainly taking a huge leap of faith to migrate from that software which has become comfortable to us. Which I suppose to some degree has been what has been for myself the most impressive thing of all about Firefox. In that it has swayed so many to take that leap, is in and of itself quite a remarkable thing indeed.

    That alone is truly remarkable and I think the development team should continue to improve upon such a worthy product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    I was using Mozilla on a Red Hat machine, and the proxy configuration wouldn't work properly due to the way in which proxy server addresses are entered. I'm guessing this is the same as the PC version? Also, there is a compatibility issue between that and the web-based learning system used here. So it's useless for staff / students.
    i don't know which version you used with RedHat but iirc it came with 1.4. imo you should give Mozilla 1.6 a try at least once. it has grown leaps and bounds since that buggy 1.4 release. if you faced problem with entering username and password for accesing proxy server then you should have a look at "gnome-network-preferences" (without quotes ofcourse). it allows you to set proxy conf for most of your GTK based apps with username and password.
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