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Thread: Worm skates through BlackIce

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    <center>Worm skates through BlackIce
    Witty opens your back door</center>

    A WORM called Witty has infected more than 50,000 computers over the weekend, thanks to a hole in BlackIce.

    Anti-virus software maker F-Secure said that the worm writes random data to the hard drive of an infected machine meaning it has to be reformatted. They didnít say why they thought it would have infected so many computers.

    Witty spreads through direct network connections and targets machines that are running unpatched versions of BlackICE.

    The purveyors of BlackICE, ISS have fixed the flaw, which is found in the ICQ instant messaging protocol parsing routines of the ISS Protocol Analysis Module.

    Apparently the code was lovingly crafted in assembly code, so we are supposed to appreciate the art involved. Ķ

    *For those of you using BlackIce, you should either update immediately or switch firewall software.
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    anyone using blackice was always lacking a firewall

    it never was a firewall
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    this is why i like Sygate. regular trojan signature file updates and timely patches.
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    I have used BlackIce from about 4 years ago to 2 years ago (approx.)...and I liked it picked up the hack attempts other people were worrying and/or were successfully attacked by. But that changed with version 3.5cbq (i think), where I was having the program behave erratically, specifically where the software was allowing all traffic through without me changing anything, or was just turning off randomly. That really pissed me off and quickly I looked for a solution which I still use vigorously today: McAfee FireWall. BlackIce I abandoned after that releease patch because they didn't patch it in about 3 months evenutally took them about a year to make an update..which I think is absurd. And still to this day, Mcafee rocks. Sure BlackIce had a couple features I missed but I'd rather have a secure firewall with many updates than a firewall that is "forgotten about" to be fixed with all the new hackers and their attempts.
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    Sygate is nice.

    Am I the only one here that likes Zone Alarm?

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