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Thread: Program to view .elog files from McAfee FireWall

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    Hello everyone,

    I have had a hacker consistenly attack my girlfriend's computer, which has been picked up by McAfee Personal FireWall Plus. Get this: 4,000 hits over the course of less than a week. Now, here is the funny part: It is coming from my ISP's server.....meaning that either they are doing something they shouldn't be, or there is a a**** who works for them and apparently likes to use their systems for hacking. Now, if it wasn't a true hacker, banning/blocking their attempts would cut my internet connection but it hasnt...and the types of attacks are very varied.....often ones I never heard of before.

    The worst part is: it is slowing the hell out of the dial-up connection......often 3 to 4 times A SECOND in successive hits!!!

    She has a Windows 98SE system, and I have a WinXP Pro....I don't get any hits from this hacker........apparently thinks that Win98 is easy to break into (but didnt figure I'd have it updated to a great firewall).

    Anyway, I emailed the abuse department of the ISP provider and sent with it the .elog files that are generated when I archive the hacker-attempt event data from the Firewall software. The next day they emailed me back that they cannot read those .elog files...that the information be "copy/pasted into my email response." Now, that is pretty cheesy that they, a server with $$$$$, cannot afford software that apparently according to google search, is not a uncommon file extension.

    So, the question is:

    What program can I get for free that can Open and View .elog hacker-event files generated by the McAfee Personal FireWall Plus so that I can copy and paste the info into an email?? It is only one attacker with the same "name" but the IP # changes slightly.

    They will have one hell of an email to read....4,000 hits.... :D
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    I don't use McAfee, but there should be some way to view the file inside McAfee. If not, you can try opening it with notepad.

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