This guide is about how to max your kazaa download rates.
I know much people complaining about how slow their donwload get in and so on.
Thats why i wanted to write this guide.

Okay, the first thing to do is downloading kazaa lite k++, it's muchmuch better than kazaa.Its kazaa without the spyware with additional tools that make your downloading experience even better.
Download it from here:

Download diet kazaa
Diet kazaa has an internal download accelerator, make's kazaa have a better search engine and even blocks some popups.
Download it from here:

Now, where gonna optimize the settings of your firewall, kazaa lite and dietkazaa for super download speeds.
First: open the kazaa download port in your firewall AND (especially) your router.
This is the port to open: 1214
Next, start up dietkazaa
Go to the tab 'diet k'
uncheck everything except for 'auto launch diet kazaa when windows loads'

go to the 'transfers' tab
make sure that 'use download axcellerator' is checked
set the delay time to 15sec

Next, go to the 'advanced' tab and check the 2 first options.
Also set the automatic search function to '2'

Thats it for dietk
Then, startup kazaa lite k++
Go to tools, then to 'IP Blocker Updater'
This wil update the build-in IP checker. It checks the ip of users to see if it arent organisations who let people download their mp3's so that they can arrest them.
Next, go to options, then to kazaa lite k++ options.
In the k++ options tab, uncheck 'disable 1214 port' because otherwise kazaa wont use the 1214 port we opent in our firewall, but use a port thats different for every system.
Next go to the 'Kazaa Lite k++ advanced options' tab.
Set 'max sources per file' to 500
Next, go to the 'Traffic' tab and set the max number of downloads to 30
Next go to the 'advanced' tab and set maximum results to 200
Next go to the 'Firewall' tab and set port 1214 for incoming downloads.
Now click apply, click ok and restart kazaa lite k++.
Go to options and then to KL Extensions options
go to the accelerator and set time between cycles to 70 and time between items to 50. Leave the rest to default
At last: restart diet kazaa and then restart kazaa lite and your settings are active.
Now you should find yourself with higher download speeds.
Also a last couple of last note's: while you're downloading, do about every 5 minute's this:

This will make kazaa search for more users who have this file to download from
Happy downloading and i hope you're shared folder will grow faster with this guide :wink: