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Thread: msaccess database ?

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    I want to build a database in msaccess for keeping inventory control. I'm kind of stuck because I can;t figure out how to do it.

    I need it to be capable of feeding it with items and then come out with products. For example I want to sell PC's but want to keep track of all the components for the different models I assemble.

    Can anyone guide me in the right direction, I just need either a sample database like teh one I need or a place where I can get the info.


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    I haven't used Access and couldn't give a tutorial here any way. But maybe a few basics will start you on your way.
    First you pick a name for the database.
    Then you create a form or forms.
    Forms contain fields. Fields contain the data. You can name the fields i.e. customer name, purchase date, price, processor, etc.. You can exclude certain kinds of imput to the fields, i.e. a "phone number" field should only contain numeric values, and no alpha entries.
    Once you have a database with entries, you can sort the entries with a query. A query simply asks the db to sort entries by criteria you specify, i.e. all sales in Jan. 2004, all sales to Joe Blows Law Firm, all entries with Sound blaster Audigy but not Pentium4. You can also save queries and use them again.
    Don't know if this helps, but I hope so.

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    thanks amigo.

    I know the basics, In fact I've build databases before, but just the basic in and out way. I'm having problems figuring out how I'm gonna update the parts inventory when I "sell" diffent products (built with diffent parts).

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    enter a new field in your table for status(or whatever you want to call it)
    then, and i'm assuming you are using a form for data entry, you could make a drop down box for instock and sold (or whatever you want to name it) which would eliminate errors (such as spelling).
    then you can build a query to show only instock or only sold.

    errr confused yet? sorry if you are i'm not very good at explaining things.

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