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Thread: Desert Combat - ctd - online only ?

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    Wink Desert Combat - ctd - online only ?

    Hope Im in correct forum. Desert Combat has just started crashing to desktop after a few minutes of otherwise normal play. No error message or anything. Needless to say, until a few days a go this never happened. No new hardware has been installed. Oh yeah, it doesnt happen in single player just when im online.

    Event Log shows absolutely nothing. What a waste of space that thing is!

    Any ideas? Or any suggestions for some kind of software that could run in background and monitor exactly what happens during crash?

    Thanks in advance, hooligun.

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    it's a flaw in BF42. The only real solution is to just do a clean install of both BF42 and DC. I've got several friends that are on the private testing team, CTD is a fairly common occurance. It happens in other mods as well, and even in vanilla BF42 from time to time. If it's happening on a regular basis, simply reinstall BF42 and DC.

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    Thanks 01001101 for replying. I think I have solved it, this is what i did;

    I went to where all the .rfa files live, '/mods/desertcombat/bf1942/levels'
    (I think from memory) and deleted anything that wasn't .rfa. I then hacked the registry with regedit to have WinXP clear the pagefile on shutdown.
    DC no longer CTDT ;]

    However! Thief3 which used to run perfectly (and is single player only) has started to CTDT at seemingly random moments!

    This is strange enough for me to want to find some monitoring software that would provide a log I could review after such crashes occur.

    Anyone suggest such an app. ? TIA hooligun p.s.what happened to the afro smiley ?

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