Hey guys, i have a problem; I just purchased a DVD burner (LG Super-multi, sure its not great, but the price was right;) ) Anywho, it came with Nero Startsmart software. The reason i purchased the burner was so my parents could burn their movies from their digital camera/recorder onto a DVD to watch them on T.V. Well, after installing the burner and software, i came upon a problem, the digital camera records in MPEG4 format, which is not supported by NERO, you need to purchase a freaking $60 americain plugin to burn it! Anywho, do any of you know a way around this or another type of burning software which can burn MPEG4 without any problems?

If the way around it is too, shall i say, "Riskey" for these message boards, pls e-mail me or Get a hold of me on MSN Messenger @ [email protected]

Thanks again in advance