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Thread: IE6 lockup problems...

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    Default IE6 lockup problems...

    Well, it all started with the ebay site. The main page took forever to load on my new machine while it flew by on the pentium III machine. So, I poke around and decide to go to tools - internet options - settings - view objects and the machine freezes. Immediately, I get a non-reponsive program error and a doctor watson postmortem error or something? Whats going on here?

    I am running wfp as I type to see if I can find a problem. My CD is XP and since then I have installed SP2! Any ideas or suggestions to help fix this.

    My machine is also running super slow all of a sudden. I tried PCBooster, but thats been of no help. I have 512MB of RAM, Pentium IV 1.8GHz. Not sure why its being a PITA.

    Cable Modem and a router installed as well. Dunno if that could be doing it.

    HELP ME!

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Default Re: IE6 lockup problems...

    I hope you dont have what i had yesterday... same thing happened to me!!! IE would freeze up and get VERY slow, to the point I couldnt do anything..
    CTRL-alt-delete and check your processes tab for an exe called TCPWMS.exe.
    That SOB was draining my CPU power resources and maxing it out at 100%. I would close and end it and it would pop right back.. I couldnt cleasn or delete it either. I ran a virus check and spyware and somehow I managed to get the and W32.chainsaw.worm viruses.. I dont have a clue where they came from because my security is locked down tighter then fort knox. and that TCPWMS.exe braught me down to the speed slow as a turtle. I finally ended up having to reformat my computers because it spread through my network somehow. I hope you didnt get the same thing I had. I would also do a file and registry check for any of those 3. I tried everything I could to get rid of them with no luck, it got so bad my computer stiopped responding unless I kept closing out that TCPwms.exe, I would see my resources go from 100% to 75% when I did that. It didnt just affect my browser, affected my entire cpu and network.
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    Default Re: IE6 lockup problems...

    I would have to say that the surmise ventured above is likely correct. It is likely that you are affected by either adware or a virus and you should take measures accordingly. I would use Hijackthis and post the log and we can likely tell you what is nabbing your processing power.

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