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Thread: Don't know what's wrong

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    Default Don't know what's wrong

    Maybe someone will find the kindness in their heart to help me out with a problem I am having. Yesterday I purchased OOTP6, a baseball simulator from I downloaded and payed for it. Went to try to open the game and this is the message I got from Windows:

    OOTP6 caused an invalid page fault in
    module <UNKNOWN>at 0000:00000009.
    EAX=0043faa0 CS=0167 EIP=00000009 EFLGS=00010293
    EBX=00000000 SS=016f ESP=00f1fd70 EBP=00f1fd78
    ECX=9905be00 DS=016f ESI=00b54118 FS=12d7
    EDX=01040ef0 ES=016f EDI=00f1e0aa GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    00 74 15 65 04 70 00 65 04 70 00 54 ff 00 f0 0e
    Stack dump:
    0043016f 0043fabd 00f1fd80 0043faa2 00f1fe38 78001510 819a4a10 00a5ceee 00b54000 00b542a8 00f1fdd8 00f1fdc8 00f1fdd4 00000000 00f1fdcc 00b543ac

    I have read the forums about this and it seems it happens to people with Windows 98 a lot. I have everything that is recomended to run the game. Their suggestions to fix this problem included stuff like defrag, scan disk, and reinstall. I did all those and it didn't change anything. I also reformated my hard drive, did Windows update and updated everything, made sure all of my drivers are all up to date. Still nothing. Does anyone have any deeper information on what might be the cause of this error? Any help more than what I mentioned would help me.

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    Default Re: Don't know what's wrong

    Looking at their contact page shows a couple of avenues for support. The first is this:
    Looks to be an online support center where you can send in your problem for help. Alternatively, you could try emailing their support staff here:
    [email protected]

    Offhand I'd say that you got a corrupted download, but it could be any number of things. I'd first try their tech support and then take it from there. They created and offer the game, they should have knowledge about running it.
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