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Thread: Hurl. What is it?

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    Default Hurl. What is it?

    I have an application icon on my desktop that appeared last night and I can't delete it. I tried rebooting the system, shutting everything down thats running in the background, and moving the icon to a folder but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

    Using Win XP.

    Update= Nevermind, I managed to get it deleted.
    An original post delete option would be nice to have on this forum.
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    Default Re: Hurl. What is it?

    I recently found this on my desktop also, and cannot delete it. How did you manage to delete it?

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    Default Re: Hurl. What is it?

    Hurl.exe is associated with LoudEye and it works with RealPlayer to encode and deliver streaming medial over the internet plus stop pirates doing what they usually do.

    To remove it boot into Safe Mode/Command Prompt and delete it manually.

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