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Thread: Mcafee: Unable To Upload Picts And Htm Via Ftp

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    Default Mcafee: Unable To Upload Picts And Htm Via Ftp

    It is extremely disappointing that McAfee does not fix this general issue. It took me three days to figure this out: that suddenly I could only upload my picts by one third, and my ftp-client suggested that my ascii-files were "unsafe". Godaddy, my hosting provider, suggested my picts and documents had turned corrupt - and I deleted several and built them all over again, with no result! All because of McAfees latest update. Well, since McAfee don't seem to want to inform the millions of users who might have the same problem, here's how the virtual mcafee-technician solved this problem when asked directly:
    Incorrect settings for "McAfee Redirector service" service is causing this
    1. Click "Start" >> "Run" >> Type services.msc >> Click "Ok".
    2. Please right click on "McAfee Redirector service" and click on Stop.
    3. Under "General" tab, set the "Startup Type" option to "Manual".
    DO NOT start the service again - just click OK and exit.
    You're good to go..
    When my license run out, I will never choose McAfee again.

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    Default Re: Mcafee: Unable To Upload Picts And Htm Via Ftp

    Not only is McAfee a tremendous system hog and a huge waste of money, they are well known for having major flaws that they slip in fixes for without alerting people. It uses 6-7 processes so it effects your PC's speed and is sucks resources it should not. It also has poor overall protection and should never be used by anyone at anytime for anything. There are many more free Anti-virus services out there that make McAfee look stupid. AVGFree is excellent, free, doesn't waste system resources and works better than McAfee and Norton's combined. If I were you, I'd uninstall McAfee right now, license be damned, and install something that will actually protect your system. McAfee = the Devil.
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    Default Re: Mcafee: Unable To Upload Picts And Htm Via Ftp

    I totally agree! McAfee is an incredible RAM hog. The only thing that is incredible about it is that is can use sooo much RAM for sooo little.
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