Hey Guys, I'm not sure if the reviewers actually go through this part of the forumn but anyways, CUDA and AMD's Stream support has been growing, slowly but surely. I know that TweakTown uses BadaBOOM to test out the CUDA video encoding performance, but in all honesty, that program sucks. As we can see it get the same result for all sets of VGA. CyberLink has released a more advanced media encoder. I was wondering if someone could please do a thorough review on it please. I know Legit Reviews have done one, but I want one to see the advancements in hardware and in support.

Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso GPGPU Performance - GPU Compute: AMD Versus NVIDIA on Espresso - Legit Reviews

Stuff like:
-i7 with H/T on vs H/T off
-GTX450 vs GTX580 CUDA conversion
-5650 vs 6870 Stream Conversion
-GTX450 vs GTX450 OCed to see if speed makes a difference.
-SLI or CF conversions.