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Thread: How can I stop a website link placing a shortcut on my desktop?

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    Default How can I stop a website link placing a shortcut on my desktop?

    Hi, I recently installed a new ASRock motherboard into my PC, and since running the software CD supplied I have been plagued with a website link for ZYNGA which I cannot get rid of. Every time I boot up my PC it appears, I delete it from the desktop, the Win 7 Taskbar, the start up menu and every other place it appears, but alas, when I start up again there it is large as life. I have found an entry in the System32 folder of Windows and have tried renaming it but it seems to overwrite this as well. See below for copy of entry...

    %SystemRoot%\System32\cmd.exe /c "start^&os=Windows^&p=M3A770DE^&pv=1.0.4^& v=1^&flv=^&c=2057^&t=678b145615f191a0cf37816ff2338 908^&l=en-GB"

    I tried to delete this from the properties box but it will not let me.

    I am getting thoroughly fed up with this website link now and would appreciate any help to get rid of it permanently.

    Best regards, Dave

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    Lightbulb Re: How can I stop a website link placing a shortcut on my desktop?

    Hello Dave, I have the same problem as you my friend :) Iv done a lill forum browsing and I have stumbled over a solution so I thought I would share it with you.

    Please check this weblink out as all the information is there.

    Solved Can't Remove Zynga URL shortcut from PC - Windows 7 Forums

    I find it funny how they add this link as I didnt pay 180 for a mobo to play flash games lol


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