When opening Disk Management in Win 7 the first thing listed is EFI System Partition which is of course on the boot drive, C, or Disc 0. Is this possibly why Macrium can't see the C drive or OS to back it up? I've never seen the system partition listed by itself in Disc Management before this OS install.
Since this BIOS is different from what I've seen before, wondering if how I set it up is the problem. When I first installed Windows on a new SSD, the SSD was listed as UEFI:Corsair Force GT. My understanding this is shown as drives capable of supporting the GPT system which I don't use. Now to boot to Windows I have to select Windows Boot Manager in the BIOS instead of the SSD itself.
Anyway all I know is Macrium can't see the C drive or the OS at all to back it up, only my partitions on the 2 HDD's.
Really want to get this backed up before I install a bunch of programs.