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Thread: Default Win XP Pro IE questions

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    I have two questions concerning the default IE which comes with WinXP Pro.

    1. When loading multiple webpages, how can I stop the newly loaded pages from acting like popup ads and interupting the current webpage that I am on?

    2. How do I get back the little section of IE which sits on top of the taskbar which shows web addresses when I hover over links, and shows coding problems with webpages?


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    I've got WinXP Professional, and when I put the mouse over a link, it tells me where it goes to at the bottom of the explorer window, as for new pages overlaping your current page when it has fully loaded, I don't know how you stop that from happening, try looking around the internet options that are in the 'Tools' Tab at the top of the IE window.

    Also, try putting on Service Pack 1 for WinXP, it could give you extra options for IE *I don't know if there is or not, because I don't usually play around with those settings*.

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    you can set IE to pop up when it finds a coding problem with the webpage by going to internet options-->advanced-->and then click on display a notification about every script error.
    now it will show up a pop up whenever it finds a problem with coding of web page.
    you can also view the pop up by simply double clicking on the icon that comes up on status bar when ever it finds the probs...:thumb:
    about IE acting as pop idea...:thumbs do
    any one...?
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    Some web sites use an onload command in javascript that forces a page to the top.
    Doggone aggravating to say the least.
    I know of no way around this, except to disable javascripting - which takes a good deal of functionality away from some sites.

    Sure could use a nice work-around for this issue, till then I'll keep the cursor near the taskbar.
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