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Thread: Sick and Tired of MSN Messenger

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    hey is that u?
    kudos buddy...
    really nice and neat job!
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    Yeah, i always uninstall that nasty little app first thing after a fresh win xp install.

    Type the command - reboot = the sucker is dead!


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    *Waves bye bye to MSN messenger*

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    Last time I uninstalled MSN messenger, my broadband connection mysteriously didn't work anymore.. :\

    Could have been just coincidental downtime..;x
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    what I did was simply rename the folder "Messenger" (In Program Files\) to "noMessenger" for me!

    I think I had to reboot to make sure that it wasn't running in the background (without you knowing of course), or else it wouldn't let me rename the folder.
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    lol, yeah, and that's a good way of stopping the problem too, a good thing that Windows XP doesn't search your entire computer for it like when a you use a shortcut that links to nothing. : peace2:

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