I've seen this question in many forums but it has never been answered to my knowledge:

I was using Norton AV 2003. I noticed that I seemed to be losing a lot of disc space so I ran a check and the NPROTECT folder of Norton Unerase Protection was the culprit. I right clicked the menu entry and used the "Delete all Protected Files (27000.) Then I uninstalled Norton and switched to PC-Cillin, smiled, and congratulated myself for solving the problem. Wrong!

The NPROTECT folder is still on my machine and taking up 150 meg. When I try to erase the files, both DOS and WIndows can't find the files. There are no extensions on the file names. I scoured the registry and removed all references to NPROTECT and Norton except for a LEGACY NPROTECT entry that won't allow itself to be deleted. No dice. I reinstalled Norton and uninstalled again to see if it would clean it up. No dice.

I'm using Windows XP - 2600 with NTFS.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this nightmare folder? I would be eternally thankful.