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Thread: 3D Mark2001se will NOT run on MY xp

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    Hi guys n gals,
    i've just started using windows xp pro and my problem is that 3D mark 2001se will not run on my computer at all,not with directx 8 or 9.
    8 times out of ten it just crashes back to desktop,the other times it crashes then reboots the computer.i have no idea whats causing this or how to fix it.
    it gets to the third test then just gives up.
    any ideas ?

    computer specs

    amd 2.4 xp
    geforce 4 ti4200 with detonators 42.51 drivers
    512 sdram
    soundblaster 512 pci

    hope someone can help me cure this as the way i see it ,if its doing it in 3d mark,it'll do it in my games and i want to cure this before i even install them
    thanks in advance


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    From my playing around, I have had two scenerios where this type of action occurs...

    - Video card is overclocked too high. Reducing the memory and core speeds a bit will usually take care of this.

    - If not overclocked, then you may be having one of those nVidia beta driver moments. They're really not too uncommon and are easy to fix. Just find a different set of the Detonator drivers and install them. I haven't played with the 42.xx drivers yet, so this may be a part of the problem. I've been using the 40.52 drivers for a while and haven't seen the need to update yet.

    Good luck. :)
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    problem fixed..bad ram was the cause..cheers anyway

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