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Thread: Ad-aware v6

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    ad aware is not a pop up stopper.
    it is a spyware/ malware destroyer.
    if you have never used it, then you will be amazed that how many things have been compromising ur privacy.
    check it out at and you will never uninstall it from your PC. a thing like ad aware is as essential for your PC as an AV or Firewall.
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    Thanks fellas for your lookin' out for yer brethren !!!!!!:cheers:
    Great thing about flying a desktop, is that CASA ( Civil Aviation Safety Authority ) can't touch ya no matter how many times you crash and burn !!!!!! HIC HIC

    Cheers 4 now from Downunder,
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    We certainly try to help ppl with spyware probs as they're the pits.

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    popup stopper only turns off the ads when they show up. it does not keep them from appearing. Also, ive had problems with popup stopper in the past where it stops pages i want to show up. Most of the time when opening from Quick Launch toolbar.

    AdAware6 is great. I really really hope they dont start charging for the whole program. They already charge if you want to have the extra spyware protection. Blah.

    Its scary when good companies upgrade.

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    Almost all software is developed with a view to making money at some point. Look at 3DMark for example, or even my favorite RegCleaner. Eventually the author decides that the time and effort he's putting in needs to be repaid somehow, especially if it's a useful tool to lots of people.

    Most of the "spyware" adaware finds are just cookies from sites which want to track how often you've visited. They're not really spying on you since there's not a lot of identifying information (i.e. name, address etc.).

    I find The Cleaner from to be infinitely more valuable since it cleans out Trojans and other small programs which definitely do compromise your privacy by taking control of your PC and files. However adaware is good enough to keep installed and updated on your system and run regularly.

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