Good day,

I recently obtained a copy of Drive Image 2002 to try on my PC. I wanted to make sure it worked before I purchased it as previous versions (Image 5) I owned did not work for the situation I have:

Abit VP6 with IDE1 and 2 plus IDE3 and 4 on HPT 370 RAID controller

IDE1-20GB FAT32 Master, 40GB NTFS Slave

IDE2-DVD ROM Master, CDRW Slave

IDE3-80GB NTFS Master, No Slave


Partinfo sees all three of the drives (though volume label for all of them is "NONAME", but they are named) Drive Image only sees the 80GB drive on the RAID controller. All drivers are current. RAID is not configured as there is only one drive and the controller is RAID capable, not required. I want to image the 20GB(boot) for back-up, but the program does not see it.


I registered for and downloaded the demo version as well. After more in-depth review the situation was as follows:

When you navigate to the screen (in Drive Image) to select source partition the only one visable partition is the drive on the HPT370 controller. When I select destination I am given the choice of all three hard drives as well as my network share and CDRW drive?!?! Obviously the program can see all three drives, but I want to Image the "C" drive which I cannot select as a source. Please let me know what this may be. I tried contacting PQ, but the will not offer support as I am not a registered user, nor will I be if it does not work!

Thank you for any input