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Thread: Dog goes to lamp poll and pls help

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    Unfortunatly last night I wanted to back up some programmes into my cd which was almost full and I use Nero 551015.While backing up the programmes it asked to finalize the cd and I clicked yes--huh now I cant have an access to my old back ups to that cd and while going threw the tracks it shows 000000000 .In any case can I have an access to my old back ups in my cd as some critical back ups are there.Sorry to remain absent for a long time but the title tells the

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    well firstly would you please change the title of your thread. actually i m asking you to do this cos if in case some one else experiences the same trouble, he/she might not visit this thread cos of the title. so please edit it to something releavnt!

    now coming to your problem. it seems to me that u have this practice of burning on different speeds rather than burning all the tracks at same speed. the track you burnt just now, have enveloped all the previous tracks. it has happened to me quite a few times but it resolves when i read the CD with the help of my CR-writer rather than the old CD-ROM drive. you try the same thing too.

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    Except fixing the cd and I always burn it at 4800 so that point is not a cause of a probe,can anyone help me?I can see track but cannot open it in CD-R.And get hex codes like 000000000 etc..

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