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Thread: 100 XP Great Games

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    P4/1.6 GHZ/768 MRAM
    O/S: WinXp Pro Version 2002
    Display Adapter: NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/64 PRO w/driver update

    Trying to play/install a game cd by Global Star Software, 100 XP Great Games. Upon startup, either autoplay or windows explorer, I get a dialog box "this program requires at least 3MB of virtual memory to run". Checking my system performance options under "my computer", the virtual memory is allocated at 1150MB.
    Any recommendations as to a fix?

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    I dont' know that much about xp ,but if you have personaly specified your virtually memmory settings to 1150 mb; then I would let windows controll the virtual memory (if thats what you haven't done already) Might work, might not, most likey its just the game and not your computer as I've had off brand name games do that kind of thing before and I knew that my system was more than capable of handling the game, i.e. deerhunter.....wouldn't work on my system for somereason. I think its the games hard coding.
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    Is your swapfile on the same partition as the os? Maybe the game is only looking for it in a specific place.

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