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Thread: Mobo Monitor 5

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    ok, this is what happened.
    i installed motherboard monitor 5, i run motherboard monitor 5.
    my system starts beeping every second, i figure its some security feature, so i set all the fans and temperatures up, and turn off the alarm feature. it still beeps.
    i restart my comp. it still beeps.
    i try to get on my network, nothing doing.
    i reinstall my lan driver (its onboard, the adapter that is).
    still doesnt work.
    i uninstall motherboard monitor 5.
    beeping stops. network starts working again.
    and anyway the temps were way off anyway (im pretty sure my cpu is not running at 217 degrees)
    any help?

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    i installed MBM5 too and it told me that my CPU was running at 90 degree centigrade!!!!!!!!!!
    now that surely isn't happening!

    anyways about beeping part, check these FAQ's from MBM site!
    Latest Microsoft Security Updates.
    Last Updated:
    10th MARCH

    If you are a security freak: Use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (NT/2000/XP/2003)
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    Sis sandra gave me idle temps of around 80 and with a load about 100 C. i know that aint hapenning
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    I use SiSoftware Sandra Standard too and get a CPU reading of 76 degrees celcius average . But recently i installed a temperature monitoring device and the actual reading was 31.5 degress celcius, figured the temperature sensors on my mobo were stuffed.

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