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  1. C2550D4I fan speed issues
  2. Anyone using the new AM1H-ITX motherboard yet?
  3. ASRock Z77 Extreme6 Stuck at Error Code 10
  4. Asrock H87M Pro4 with 3 TB HDD connected shows MEBX prompt during boot
  5. HELP - Impossible to run 4 cards on the HT61 pro ????
  6. Asrock B75M-GL R2.0 boot loop
  7. Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Pcie bios Empty?
  8. ASRock Z87 Extreme 6 MB / Intel Dual Onboard LAN
  9. B85M, Ultra Fast Boot slowed down by second HDD
  10. ASRock 990FX "black screen" failure to BIOS ?
  11. TPM Module Question
  12. Asrock G41C-GS ddr3 memory problems
  13. clean install trouble
  14. Does M3A785GM-LE supports GTX7XX series?
  15. ASRock M3A770DE Mobo Front mic connector problem
  16. Conroe 1333 DVI/H and PCI3.0?
  17. 990fx extreme 9 wont recognize usb thumb drives
  18. 970 Extreme3 w/AMD FX6100 Hardware Virtualization
  19. Asrock Z87E-itx will not recognize second and third HDDs
  20. Need some advice on 990FX Extreme3
  21. New build internet connection, help needed?
  22. Computer Cuts Out Completely
  23. Why FM2A88M-HD+ Not Support DDR2133 ?
  24. new build, no video out z77 extreme 3 1155 with i3-3240
  25. XFast Ram crashes computer on reboot with z77 extreme4
  26. ASRock FM2A88X+ Killer problems
  27. ASRock HDMI Switch process problem
  28. Start ASRock A-Tuning minimized to system tray?
  29. A75 Pro4-M Raid setup / Secure erase
  30. ASRock E3C226D2I - can't boot, can't connect with IPMI
  31. Z87 Extreme 4, Realtek, and different volume settings for speakers and headphones.
  32. ASROCK Z77 Pro 4 - Bios internet configuration - update
  33. Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 - First time updating BIOS, some questions
  34. VisionX Haswell - Blinking Blue Power LED Missing
  35. Problem with Asrock 870 Extreme 3 v1.1 PCI-e card (Adaptec 5805 Raid Controller)
  36. Z77 OC Formula and Windows 8.1 Update 1 has problems?
  37. 980DE3/U3S3 with phenom 965 and 1866
  38. F3-10600CL9D-16GBNT+asrock h87 pro 4 not booting 4 beeps soemtimes
  39. New poster here mobo and cpu compatability issue N68C-GS FX with AMD FX4130 125W Processor
  40. cpu / memory speed
  41. Asrock Z87 Extreme4 onboard audio input connector
  42. Asrock 775i65G doubts.
  43. 3/4 pin fan connector can handle
  44. Asrock A75 Pro4-m USB 3 issue
  45. 775i65G Max RAM
  46. CPU Fan control via BIOS on Z87E-itx?
  47. Asrock Z87 Extremem11a/c not showing all drives.
  48. Best Security Camera Video capture card for Z77 Pro4-M
  49. Wrong MAC Address on Z87E-ITX
  50. HSA, Kaver 7850ki and Corel aftershot pro.
  51. installing more memory fm2+a88x extreme 6
  52. Cannot use fast or ultra boot function in F stream utility. H87 Fatality Performance running Windows 8.1 64 Bit
  53. A75 Extreme6 mobo + LSI SAS9220-8i PCI-Express PCIe 8-port 6Gb/s SAS+SATA Controller
  54. z77 pro3 bios fail flash
  55. Asrock fm2+ Extreme6+ Features
  56. Asrock Fatal1ty 990fx Killer - Problem with NIC and internet speed
  57. ASRock P67 Pro3 SATA3Gs Ports fail
  58. Max Memory Questions ASRock G31M-GS R2.0 775 chipset
  59. Need helps! Z77 bios options missing
  60. ASRock Z87M Pro4 no way to disable adaptive voltage
  61. Software Suite
  62. New Crucial M500 SSD not showing in Bios
  63. H61M-U3S3 Won't wake from sleep.
  64. Asmedia splash screen?
  65. Technical question(s) about the ASRock AM1H-ITX
  66. Z77 OC replacement fan source - chipset
  67. Strange USB3 issue with the Asrock Z68 Extreme4
  68. CPU LED=RED cpu or MB Formula OC Z77 - New build
  69. H81M-ITX with a K-series CPU?
  70. RAM/XMP issue with Extreme3 Gen3
  71. LAN not working
  72. Asrock m3a785gmh/128m, cheapest way to connect a lto3 scsi tape recorder?
  73. Technical Question about Asrock fm2+ extreme 6+
  74. ASRock Z87 Extreme 6 + ASMedia 1061 Issues
  75. FM2A85X Extreme4-M + AMD A10-5800k gets insane hot while playing very old game
  76. H61M U3S3: Video Card Causes Front Audio To Stop Working
  77. temp readings
  78. Code error 31!!!!!!!
  79. Asrock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer Netwotk adapter
  80. ASRock H87E-ITX/ac - v1.60 BIOS - no bluetooth
  81. little help !
  82. Can't update BIOS
  83. ASrock FM2A55M-HD+
  84. usb problem
  85. ASRock A75M-HVS - CPU speed fluctuation during stress test - BIOS malfunction? - HELP NEEDED!!!
  86. can this cooler fit my Mainboard?
  87. Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 - Max RAM slot usage - Onboard Ethernet Problem
  88. Asrock Z87 pro4 wich bios for 3.70 ghz [email protected] ???
  89. Error code 97 on Asrock 890gx pro3 with Radeon R9 280x
  90. Z87 killer sata controller problem with my OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTX50G. It doesn't detect unless I power on and off a few times.
  91. Help pls !!
  92. ASRock N68C-GS FX network adapter not allowing gigabit speed....
  93. asrock x79 extreme4 d6 error code
  94. What is "don't lock C-States MSR" in new BIOS B85m-ITX?
  95. No surround sound with HDMI on E350M1
  96. Best ssd for asrock 980de
  97. e3c224-4l discrete gpu problems?
  98. z87 extreme 4 + windows 8 won't shutdown
  99. AsRock Z87 Extreme 4, I can't get my DVD drive working
  100. AM1H-ITX motherboard thinks there is a discrete video card present, but there is none
  101. LSI controller intialization
  102. ASRock E3C224-4L / ECC Memory
  103. H81M-ITX USB wake up
  104. Z97 Extreme6 Motherboard
  105. Which Asrock-board for the new Intel Xeon?
  106. 990fx Killer - BIOS Updade? I can't get a straight answer from Asrock.
  107. ECC on X79 Extreme 4-M
  108. ASRock Z87 Extreme 11ac & LSI SAS 3008 Controller problem
  109. Need a new CPU for Asrock 890GM Pro 3 (original version NOT 2.0)
  110. Wake on LAN - Asrock B85 Killer
  111. ASRock Z87 Extreme 4 second RAID Windows freeze
  112. AM2 CPU EZ with K8Upgrade-1689 trouble
  113. A330ION power consumption
  114. Asrock z77 Extreme 3 sudently lost XMP Profile.
  115. Z77 Board
  116. EXTREME4 mobo BIOS p2.6 stuck at boot menu (no keyboard response)
  117. fatality killer
  118. asrock x79 extreme 3 bios issues with gtx 690.
  119. FX-8320 on ASRock 870 Extreme3 r2.0 problem
  120. Z87 Extreme 4 BIOS update advice
  121. FM2A88-ITX+ 2nd and 3rd monitor outputs not working in Windows 8.1 amd drivers
  122. Issue with IPMI firmware update
  123. New BIOS - 990FX Extreme9 , rel 1.60 Released May 12 2014
  124. 960GC-GS FX Hangs When My Western Digital USB 500GB Drive Connected
  125. ASRock X79 Extreme6 0x0D & 0xA2 Errors
  126. Asrock supercomputer cant overclock past 3.88ghz
  127. Z87E-ITX, boot from a flash drive
  128. asroc 990extreem4 I have a achi hard drive want to add 2 hdd in raid
  129. G.SKILL F3-10666CL8D-4GBRM and Asrock P43Twins1600 Intel Core 2 Duo
  130. Questions about Q1900DC-ITX board (Bay trail)
  131. AMD Sempron 2400+ / ASRock K7VM3 upgrade?
  132. ASRock E350M1 Firewire
  133. Maximum graphics for ASRock K7S41 Motherboard?
  134. info hdd sata III 500GB asrock 775v88+
  135. AsRock z87 OC Formula, intermittent computer restarts
  136. C2750D4I No http access to IPMI
  137. Asrock G41M-VS3 Motherboard?
  138. I finally fixed my 880G Pro3
  139. Z97E-ITX/ac - M.2 + 6xSATA
  140. What's a good replacement for a Asrock n68c-s ucc motherboard?
  141. Is it normal for this to happen? Or am I just expecting more than I should be from a 150$ Mobo?
  142. ASRock 970 series compatibility with Mushkin 1866 RAM kits
  143. ASRock A88X series and 970 series and compatibility with Mushkin 1866, 2133 and 2400 RAM kits
  144. The AsRock 970 Extreme R 2.0
  145. New to the forum and new to ASRock mb's.
  146. System Running Like Wading Thru Treacle ASRock 960GC-GS FX
  147. Dead Vision 3D
  148. What's a good replacement for a Asrock n68c-s ucc motherboard?
  149. h61mv-itx troubleshooting questions
  150. ASrock Extreme X58 Debug LED
  151. VT-d support on the H87M / H97M pro4 motherboards
  152. Linux (Ubuntu) on the H87/97M (pro4)
  153. Asrock C2750D4I Cannot get IP from interfaces
  154. Need Help. UEFI defaults have been loaded. No keyboard (ASRock Fatal1ty Professional-m)
  155. X79 Extreme9 EUFI Boot Order Changes Unexpectedly In A Multi-Boot System
  156. Asrock 990 FX Killer Booting problem. Athlon Motherboard.
  157. asrock FM2+ a88x-ITX+ having issues with LAN
  158. ASRock Fatal1ty z87 killer RAM issue
  159. Asrock Fatality 990FX Killer Information on plug no 19 Audio
  160. Asrock Z87 Extreme4 - Adaptive w/ negative offset? Don't understand these settings BIOS v2.70
  161. Asrock ConRoe 1333-DVI/H
  162. Asrock Z97 Extreme4/ Turning computer off/sleep issue
  163. Backup ssd slow to Sata3_A1
  164. Asrock Warranty
  165. Bios update for Asrock P67 Pro3
  166. Z97M OC Formula memory support list?
  167. Virtualization over Directed I/O support
  168. Asrock C2750D4I: IPMI web interface not responing and keeps booting from wrong device
  169. ASROCK Z87m OC formula. Ok board with mediocre software and lacklustre support. Going back to asus.
  170. Can't get optical toslink to work :( asrock ex3 x79 / xeon.
  171. Help with ASRock H77 M MOBO
  172. Asrock g41c-vs
  173. New Bios ASRock Killer 990FX Fatal1ty
  174. ASRock Z87 Extreme 4 - problem
  175. asrock extreme 4 z77, issue with ram slots
  176. ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 New UEFI/BIOS Version 1.30 Not Working For Me
  177. Asrock Fatality FM2A88X+ Killer Networking issues.
  178. P67 Pro3 SE trusted platform module
  179. PC Crashes when usb external drives are pluged in
  180. Z77 Extreme4 cannot use legacy sound hardware.
  181. HDMI audio, channels switched, surround vs dual speaker sound
  182. A Few Surprises Using the ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 Mother Board
  183. HDD Saver Function - Z97 Extreme 6 MB
  184. Z87 Extreme 4 (CPU question)
  185. Z87 Killer Wireless Mouse Problem
  186. Xen and GPU passthrough
  187. Z87 extreme6-ac: Fans stay on sometimes after shutdown
  188. Find right memory
  189. Boot menu <F11> is an empty page
  190. Z97 Extreme9 specs
  191. Help! I can't get to Sleep!
  192. About asrock motherboard and richland cpu?
  193. q1900b-itx won't start with ram in the slot DDR3_B1 only.
  194. H77 Pro4/MVP and LSI 9240-8i problem
  195. ASRock B75 Pro3-M & 4TB HDD
  196. Z68 Extreme4 / Bios 2.20 / i7-2600k / Intel HD not available
  197. Asrock z87 exterme - USB based installation
  198. Asrock z87 extreme 4 - linux Support
  200. Asrock FM2A78M HD +
  201. ASRock FM2A88X+ Killer BIOS
  202. Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 Bios 2.31A Wont Shut Down Completely - Help!
  203. Should this MB be using Default Win7 display drivers? FM2A88M Extreme4+
  204. Z97- Extreme6 sleep option unavaliable greyed out w7 X64
  205. New motherboard takes twice to actually boot.?
  206. Asrock Z87 Boards: Will they support Devils Canyon like ASUS has announced ?
  207. Z97 Extreme 6 - Help finding driver for pci simple communications controller
  208. AMD FX-9590 unstable with Fatal1ty 990FX Professional mobo
  209. ASROCK FM2A85X Extreme 6 slow network problem
  210. wake on lan doesn't work with H81M-ITX
  211. Asrock M3N78D+Phenom II x3 b75
  212. trying ssd as cache... lost data from hdd
  213. C2750D4I random lock ups
  214. Z97E-ITX/ac Virtualization Support
  215. BIOS 4.0 for X79 Extreme 9 does not post
  216. Asrock 970 Extreme 4 bad bios update not booting
  217. ASrock motherboard conflict network speed
  218. Can't run dual channel memory mode
  219. Asrock 970 Extreme4 Need AHCI non-raid drivers
  220. ASRock Z87 Extreme6 Turns itself back on after shutdown and power off
  221. Z97 Extreme6 SM Bus Controller driver not loading in Widows 8.1
  222. Ethernet Controller Drivers missing and not available for download on ASrock's website
  223. Motherboard for Asrock ION 330?
  224. problem in setting new memory, BSODs by the way
  225. SM Bus Controller
  226. ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ will not start up
  227. ASRock Z68 motherboard?
  228. No Booting from additional raidcontroller - Z87-E
  229. FM2A88X-ITX+ + Radeon Memory
  230. ASRock M/B H81M-DGS R2.0 does not boot: old bios?
  231. Need Help with 990FX KIller, will not boot in dual channel mode
  232. UEFI freezing and unable to update BIOS (ASRock z87 Pro4 - BIOS 1.30)
  233. ram compability, voltage and type. - Z97 Extreme4
  234. 4th ASRock MB failure?? Cant take it anymore...
  235. MB G41M-VS3, how to stop cpu-fan at standby?
  236. AsRock 990Fx Extreme4 bios update?
  237. Asrock N68-s Ucc motherboard Bios Update?
  238. Z97 Extreme4 - grounding problem - audio hum when mic plugged in
  239. Cannot update above BIOS v1.80 (990FX Extreme4)
  240. ASRock H87 Pro4 Lan Problem
  241. Asrock z77 extreme4 - Dr debug A6
  242. ASRock Vision HT stuck at a logo when no keyboard is connected (EFI BOOT)
  243. ASRock Z87 Extreme4 Intel Z87 starting issues
  244. Any idea if new intel cpu`s will work on z87m oc formula?
  245. Cant enable SLI on GTX 560ti 2win on Asrock B75M R2.0
  246. How to remove "Windows Boot Manager" in Bios boot priority
  247. Want to overclock i5-4670k with Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 motherboard.
  248. ASRock Z68 PRO3-M "bootmgr is missing" Errors
  249. Asrock extreme 9 usb 3.0 issue
  250. VisionX 420D Pre-Purchase Questions