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  1. Welcome to Lian Li Technical Support!
  2. For US$200, Would You Choose a High-End Mid Tower or an Entry/Mid-Level Full Tower?
  3. Three New Lian Li Cases Now in the US
  4. Two New Full Tower Chassis - PC-A75X and PC-A76X
  5. New Lian Li Facebook Page
  6. PC-CK101 Train Themed Case Announced / Facebook PC-CK101 Giveaway
  7. What Case Size/Format Are You Looking for Your Next Purchase?
  8. The Optimal Side Panel Fan
  9. Australian Friends, PC-A75X and PC-D8000 Have Just Arrived on Your Shores
  10. New Batch of Lian Li Cases (Including the PC-CK101P) Now Available in the US
  11. What Is Your Ideal High End Mid Tower?
  12. Lian Li PC-7H Modding Contest
  13. PC-CK101, PC-7H, PC-A75X, PC-A76X and PC-D8000 Are Now Available in Europe
  14. PCQ07 update?
  15. X2000FN - will it get a window panel
  16. Case arrived with scratched window, can't get anyone to reply yet from Lian Li support.
  17. Lian Li Christmas Giveaway
  18. Put in your input for the PC-Q07 update. What would you improve?
  19. Lian Li reaction time to launch compatible PC desktop cases when Intel releases Haswell sometime in 2013
  20. First Lian Li Chassis With Motherboard Railing System - PC-9N
  21. Replacement Top Panel for PC-K9WX
  22. New PC-7B Plus II Power button not working
  23. New Lian Li 20pin USB3.0 Cables
  24. Lian Li PC7FW Side panel screws need re-threading
  25. New Briefcase Chassis - PC-TU100
  26. Keyboards, Lian Li
  27. ssd converter for PC-V2120 ?
  28. Review and thoughts about PC-Q25
  29. Are there any more PC-X2000FN coming to U.S.?
  30. PC-Q11 and Nvidia GTX760
  31. Give us your feedback on the PC-V850
  32. Lian Li Case V2110 Part Number for 140 MM front intake fan mount
  33. New Case is Missing Parts - NO ONE will help
  34. PC case with locking door
  35. PC-Q27 with NZXT Kraken X40 or Corsair Hydro H90
  36. Still waiting for support on the SATA drive - Issue raised on the 28th of June - Support is shocking.
  37. PC-Q08b Part Number for a replacement power button
  38. Pc tu-200
  39. Availability of PC-10N
  40. Smallest ATX chassi? PC-V650?
  41. Lian Li power button issue
  42. Cross Recessed Pan Head Screw. Model : S-U02
  43. front panel i/o kit
  44. Third HDD in Lian-Li V351
  45. Getting PC-9F frontpanel for PC-7HX in Germany?
  46. Lian Li Power Button Issues
  47. Availability of PC-Q15
  48. PC-Q01 Mini-ITX Prototype - Give Us Your Feedback
  49. HDD Led on PC-7FNWX
  50. USB3 card reader?
  51. Lost screw for my lian li X1000
  52. PC-Q29 availability
  53. IO Panel for PC-A05N
  54. PC-B10 hard drive bracket defective
  55. V351B - where the heck can I get replacement panel screws?
  56. PC-9300 replacement cover
  57. PC-343B (new version) and E-ATX Dual CPU Motherboard
  58. PC-7HX top fan and fan controller
  59. PC-60FNWX front fan removable?
  60. CEB form factor in PC-10N
  61. PC-Q28 and CPU cooler
  62. Multi-Media I/O Ports Cable Kit for PC-A17
  63. Lian Li PC-60FNW cooler height question
  64. Lian-Li PC-Q03 Questions
  65. Lian Li PC-90 still available?
  66. Prototype: Give us your feedback - PC-A51
  67. PC-A05FN front I/O Panel replacement
  68. Lian Li PC-A75X newly bought, parts required not available in EU
  69. Old Custom Lian Li case
  70. PC-A51 - Update
  71. PC-D600, few questions
  72. Prototype Desk Chassis: DK01
  73. T-LM25B-1 or similar product availability
  74. The PC-Q35: a great case. If it had the PSU in the bottom.
  75. Need wiring help on V1000 Plus2 & V1200
  76. Multi-Media I/O upgrade kit for A20 case
  77. PC-X2000FN discontinued?
  78. Questions about PC-D600 Case
  79. My idea for a new case
  80. Is there a usb 3.0 port kit for the PC-A77?
  81. Lian -Li PC-A76X Compatibility with Asus Z9PE-D8 WS
  82. Documentation on BZ-U07?
  83. Complectation of 3.5" internal cardreader CR-26U3
  84. Q07B screws?
  85. Case Parts for PC-7H
  86. PC-A77F parts
  87. Parts for PC-K10B
  88. Confusion on Graphic card length compatibility on Lian Li PC-C60?
  89. Preview to CeBIT: PC-B16 and PC-A61
  90. Water Cooler for Lian Li PC-9F Case
  91. Need part for Lian Li PC-V1100 ....really need it...
  92. Pc-8f and pc-9f
  93. Can the PC-Q08's front fan LED be disabled?
  94. Front panel PC-9F
  95. Questions on Lian Li V2120X case
  96. lian li pc 9f case issue pc wont power on
  97. Need case with tons of 5.25" bays
  98. Retrofiting a "PCI-01B" PCI Card Holder to a D600
  99. Questions about Lian li PC-X2000FN
  100. Modding a Lian Li PC-Q18? Is it doable?
  101. Is the PC-C60 compatible with a GTX-780?
  102. Lian Li PC60 Motherboard Standoffs
  103. Pc-q08
  104. Preview: DK01 and DK02 Desk Chassis Updates
  105. Lian-Li PC-V2130 ETA and other question
  106. HD-H32 compatible with EX-H34S?
  107. Motherboard for the tu-200
  108. Lian Li Backplane bp3sata, Staggered spinup
  109. PC-Q18 3.5 inch hdd bay power
  110. Can anyone share the dimensions of the BP1SATA backplane?
  111. What Multi-Media I/O Port Cables will work with my older Lian Li cases?
  112. Best air cooling case for 3 way SLI
  113. Multimedia I/O Ports for PC-V1010 and PC-6077
  114. Looking for PC-Q01A...
  115. Is there someone in the world who sell this optional for PC-7FNWX case?
  116. Lian LI X2000F Backplane SAS Support?
  117. Does anyone have the PC-X500B?
  118. Lian-li ex-50 - can't access after power outage
  119. Fan Blanking Plates
  120. Lian li pc-v750wx
  121. Multimedia I/O spare part or upgrade for PC-V1000Z?
  122. Card reader drivers for OSX
  123. Lian Li PC60 usb3 upgrde
  124. Lian li Q33 + AIO
  125. power supply for Lianli ex 503 with usb3
  126. Where is Lian Li support??
  127. Cases with Slide-out Motherboard Trays
  128. all lian li case specs in 1 spreadsheet
  129. Lian Li PT-JT01
  130. front panel polarities
  131. What kind of screws are used for the foots of Lian Li PC-50?
  132. Ways to buy X2000FN or V2130 in the States
  133. Lian-Li Ex-50 broken?
  134. Hard Drive Vibrations
  135. Lian Li PC-A61B
  136. Is the internal rack Lian Li EX-33A1-P comatible with non-Lian Li chassis?
  137. PC-Q28 Vented Side Panel
  138. Using PC-Q18 without discrete PSU
  139. Front Panel Leads (Lian Li PC-A61B) and Asus Q Connector
  140. Owners of PC-V351 ... would you measure the box it came in for me?
  141. PC-A05 B upgrade of top usb from 1+2 to 3
  142. Dk-01
  143. PC-V358 and water cooler sizes
  144. case fans on v750
  145. Looking for PC-G70 silver top cover
  146. PC-V358 max graphics card "height"
  147. Where can I purchase a PC-Q19 in USA
  148. PC-Q25 - no rubber for drive rails
  149. Case pc-9nb
  150. Poor customer service?
  151. Compatiblilty Lian Li PC-V360 and MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G
  152. looking for a case like PC-C34F
  153. PC-Q25B share parts
  154. Where to buy PC-Q18 (black) in Canada?
  155. Lian li pc-tu200b with a micro atx mobo
  156. pc-a56 in north america ?
  157. Hi All Lian Li lovers, need a small favor :)
  158. ...with all respect for all you people, Is this Forum alive and is there any contact with manufacturer support pending?
  159. What is the name/model of my case?
  160. PC-Q18 LED not working?
  161. Lian Li, how to get 2x140 mm silver fan panel for PC-D8000?
  162. PC-B25FB top panel broken.
  163. Missing screws S-U02 ?
  164. Boot key for LIAN LI PC-C32? To boot from CD??????
  165. PC-A61 / PC-B16 Drive mounting 5.25" cage
  166. Pc-q26b
  167. Would the PC-TU200B case fit an Extended Mini ITX motherboard?
  168. PC-K65 and PC-K69
  169. PC-O7S availability (USA)?
  170. Ex-503 no data smart
  171. PC-v1000 bezel / 5.25 bay replacement options
  172. PC V359 specs
  173. Lian Li 3.5" internal cardreader CR-26U3
  174. PC-06S vs PC-06SX?
  175. Need softcopy manual for PC-8N
  176. Need softcopy of PC-P50 manual
  177. Steam set for PC-CK-101 (CK101-2B)
  178. Lian Li T07 ?
  179. PC case models with slideout motherboard trays?
  180. How to mount BZ-U08 ? Fits into a standard ATX Tower?
  181. PC-Z60 Watercooling Options
  182. Help with defective case
  183. PC-Q26 and BP2SATA...
  184. Lian Li PC-X510WX Improvement Idea
  185. Sata Backplane
  186. Faulty PCI-e Riser with my PC-O5S
  187. Purchasing Lian-li Accessories in the USA
  188. Some PC-A51 watercooling questions
  189. PC-B16 question
  190. When will you be releasing new cases from computer 2015?
  191. Lian Li Pc-V33 & Pc-X510 Questions
  192. 3.5 inch HD tray for PC-A20 (or similar) cage system (10.2mm approx)
  193. DK 03 EU availability?
  194. Compatibility PW-IE20AH51T0 with PC-V1000
  195. Lian Li PC-K8 case, power switch
  196. USB 3.0 header availability for PC-C37?
  197. PC-Q01/PC-Q03 Sizing Questions
  198. Purchasing case fans in Taiwan
  199. Lian Li PC-O8WX radiator dimensions
  200. EX503 screws
  201. PC-Q08 missing pieces
  202. Pc-o7s cooling
  203. Best way to change the top most rear fan on Lian-Li PC-A71F?
  204. USB 3.0 (or even 3.1) header availability for Armorsuit PC-P60?
  205. SSI EEB support for Lian Li high end chassis
  206. PC-D600WB Buying
  207. airflow questions for lian li pco-6 case
  208. PT-FN04 FAN Controller
  209. PC-A75 compatible with Supermicro X10DRX?
  210. Where Can I Buy LED RGB Color Changing Kit by Lian Li???
  211. PC-60 Airflow with Corsair H60
  212. PC-Q19 Side Panels
  213. PC-Q33 side panel (GPU width) clearance?
  214. PC-7H Top Internal 240mm AIO Water Cooler Possible?
  215. Where to buy PC-Q25B spare parts?
  216. PC-A04 case top USB Multi-Media I/O ports replacement
  217. heya! PC-A10 case parts?
  218. PC-O5SX Availability
  219. Bp3sata
  220. Lian Li PC-B16B 3rd Front Fan
  221. PC-6B Case Parts
  222. PC-TU200A Availability in North America
  223. PC-P50R Armorsuit
  224. Lian Li PC-08 in Russia
  225. PT-R01 (Rivets) Compatibility
  226. BP2Sata backplane not hot swap???
  227. PC 08 possible with Swifttech H320 X2 ?
  228. PC-07s sli gpu, watercooling
  229. PC-V359 Front Panel IO
  230. PC-Q10 size comparison to Fractal Design node 304?
  231. DK03-1 case Addon EU availability
  232. Where To Buy Lian Li T60 or T80
  233. S-U02 screw
  234. Where to PRE-ORDER (PC-Y6W) case ?
  235. Questions about Lian Li pc-d666wrx
  236. Lian Li DK-03 - Leg room
  237. PC-T80 Parts
  238. PC-O8 led controller box power cord?
  239. Lian Li : No answer to email suppport. I need simple screws for a PC Q30
  240. PC-O6 missing parts
  241. Lian Li DK-04
  242. Lian Li PC-X510 question about resonance sound
  243. Pc-09wx
  244. Where to buy DK-04
  245. DK-04 Desktop works with optical mice?
  246. EX-503 RAID 1 not recognized
  247. EX-503 & 6tb+ drives
  248. A Case Idea
  249. PC-D600 User Manual
  250. Dk-04 USB 2.0??